CQUni Knows Susan

Susan Morey

Susan Morey
Bachelor of Biomedical Science and MBA (Leadership)

My CQUniversity journey started in 2007. I had moved to Bundaberg after I joined the Queensland Police Service (QPS). I had wanted to pursue a science degree but didn’t think that I would be able to locally. I was overjoyed to find out I could study a Bachelor of Biomedical Science locally with CQUniversity. The teaching at CQUniversity was second to none and it was such a wonderful experience. After 10 years, I left the QPS and had interesting and diverse positions including a Senior Child Protection Caseworker, Medical Scientist and Investigation and Compliance Officer.

Fast forward to 2018 – I had been looking at studying a Master of Business Administration for several years. I had often undertaken leadership roles but had little training and I wanted to become a better leader and manager, and I thought an MBA would provide the perfect avenue. I was also aware of the career benefits to completing an MBA, but I couldn’t justify the cost. That’s when I saw a post on Instagram about CQUniversity’s new MBA (Leadership) course. I enrolled that day and my second CQUniversity journey was off and running.

I chose CQUniversity for the MBA (Leadership) because my first experience with CQUniversity was so positive that I was confident in the course. The cost of the course was also a big factor and the sheer flexibility and innovation of the Be Different platform.

The MBA was 100% online. All assessments and learning material were completed on the online learning platform, which was very easy to use and navigate. The learning material was engaging, and the assessment pieces were all relevant to real life.

The MBA (Leadership) was a completely different learning experience. The student is in the driver’s seat. I decided when I wanted to study, what I wanted to study and best of all when I wanted to submit my assessments. There are no semesters, so once I completed a subject, I could move straight onto the next which worked great for my lifestyle.

Even though this course was online, I actually felt more supported than an internal [on-campus] student. The MBA (Leadership) staff were always there to answer my questions and provide support. They were some of the most professional and supportive teachers I have had the privilege of meeting. They have offered inspiration and mentorship. I would just pick up the phone and ring or send an email. I didn’t have to wait for a moderator to pick up my thread on a discussion board like other platforms. One of the best things was receiving feedback within the week from assignments. You could act on the feedback immediately for your next assessment.

Although the course is completely online, I was able to connect with other students to meet people from completely different fields and backgrounds. In the 21st century, networking is no longer confined to a classroom – group forums and social networks are just as accessible wherever you are. I am still involved in a chat group where we have lively discussions.

I have been able to utilise my MBA (Leadership) skills almost immediately. I have learnt different leadership styles and how each style impacts on staff, how to communicate better, how to manage finances and how to think strategically. I am also inspired by the goals of my organisation.

My confidence has skyrocketed – I would never have applied for my current Manager of Operations position if it wasn’t for the skills I have learnt through doing the MBA (Leadership). One of the most satisfying things is watching other staff grow and flourish in their roles.