CQUni knows Sarah

Get to know Sarah

Sarah Reiman
Bachelor of Education (Primary)

My dad, being a teacher, was a big influence on me. I always remember being in the shopping centre and walking past people who would say ‘I remember you, you were my favourite teacher’. That’s all I’ve heard growing up. My dad was everyone’s favourite teacher and I feel like I kind of want to be that person. It’s really inspiring getting to see how you impact just one child. It just makes it all worthwhile you know?

I looked at a few different unis in high school because I could afford to move away. But I heard that the education program at CQUni was really good so I decided to come here, stay at home, save some money and give it a go. And it’s actually really good. Plus I’m closer to the support of my family. Obviously my dad has the experience of being a teacher and it’s good to be able to have him there to talk to about all my experiences and ask for advice.  And it’s good not to feel lonely because I have grown up here and I have so many connections in this town. So it’s nice to know that I’m always surrounded by people who were supportive, rather than moving to Brisbane and feeling alone and stressed about uni and not having anyone.

I think CQUni is better than city campuses because the classes are a lot smaller and you get more one on one time with your lecturers. They actually make an effort to get to know you as a person rather than just thinking of you as a number, which I think happens at a lot of other universities. It’s also a lovely campus. The library especially is wonderful and it’s just such a friendly campus as well.

CQUni gave me so many opportunities to see the practical side of what I was studying rather than just sitting in classes all the time and learning theory. Being a teacher, they gave me the constant support of going to prac and then they offered me the opportunity to go to Cambodia for a few weeks to teach over there. It was an incredible opportunity in so many ways. I got to see how people in Cambodia live and the way they learn is incredibly different to the way we learn in Australia. And they’re just they’re so grateful and eager to learn. It was a great experience.

Most of my lecturers are still teaching at primary school so it’s good to hear their stories and not just be like ‘back 20 years ago when I was in a classroom’. It’s nice to know that most of them are still in the classroom and know what education is like today.

I can’t wait to teach here and overseas. My main motivation is to fill the world with educated young people who are caring and creative.