CQUni Knows Mo

Get to know Mohammad

My name is Mohammad and I’m from Iran. I am working towards a Master of Information Systems at CQUniversity.

After my bachelor degree in IT, I didn’t have much of an idea about the field that I wanted to work in. I’ve done other things like marketing and photography, but I haven’t found the thing that I want. I saw the masters as an opportunity to be in-between both IT and Information Systems. I chose this so that I could find the field that I wanted to work in in the future.

At the beginning, I wasn’t very familiar with CQUni, but when I searched, I realised they had a really good reputation and the location was in the CBD. Because I’m a full-time student, I spend lots of my time on campus studying, doing my assignments and using the facilities. It’s really convenient that the location of the Brisbane campus is so close to the train station and bus station. Just one minutes’ walk from here you can go to King George Square, which is like the heart of Brisbane. Now that I’m also working in the CBD, I can just go to work after my classes. It saves time, it saves money.

I think CQUniversity’s Master of Information Systems course is well-designed and the content that is provided is quite complete. You get an overall view of what you might want to become at the end. The content that CQUni provides in the course is a bit different from other universities; they include more business-related units. I am keen to work in more of a business area, like business analysis.

Since I started studying, I realised how practically oriented the course content is. CQUniversity really prepares you for future jobs. You grow in both your education and personally. You see different cultures, experience different ways of thinking. The lecturers and course coordinators integrate the content that they’re providing. Some of the experience and knowledge that they shared with us is incredible. Some lecturers said that you can’t learn this stuff, you have to experience it yourself, so they shared their own experiences in Information Systems with us.

I haven’t finished my degree yet, I have three more subjects to do and then I hope to get an internship. So, I’ll get some experience in the field that I want which is related to my study, work a little bit in that area and hopefully start my own business in a couple of years.