CQUni knows Lucy

Get to know Lucy

My name is Lucy and I’m studying a Bachelor of Theatre at CQUniversity Townsville, after my successful audition in 2016.

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of television, especially things on the BBC and the ABC and I really liked what I saw. My parents said I was very dramatic. I thought it would be something that I’d like to get into when I was old enough. I really wanted to continue studying after school but I wanted to do something I was really interested in, I wanted to do something different.

I like to get into character, I like to portray a different person and I like the energy – especially with the theatre. I like the anxiety you get beforehand, it helps to get you boosted up and gives you energy through the anticipation.

I started researching the people I saw on television shows and a lot of them started by doing a university degree in theatre and acting. I liked what I saw at the CQUniversity Open Day and a lot of the staff seemed very friendly. Also, the course I’m doing is external so I could stay at home and study as well as doing practical things like joining a theatre group and working part-time.

For the audition process, I was required to send in two videos of myself performing a monologue from two different plays. I felt a bit nervous about receiving my results as that was essentially the make or break of getting into the course.

From the very beginning, we learnt about how theatre began, from Ancient Greece to now. It gives you a good understanding of the industry. I particularly enjoy analysing how our productions become a show and how to get into character. There’s a big process with characterisation and I like looking at what goes into that and how you can turn the script into something that has a lot of emotion and movement. We studied script analysis and it showed how bits of the script can be transformed into something real and how a character develops from the writing on the page.

I’m hoping to get into acting but with what I’m studying I could go into directing or script writing as well because it covers all of those aspects, not just acting. You’re prepared for basically any role that gets offered to you. Through doing this course I learnt that there are many other aspects to the theatre if you don’t get into acting, and what you choose to do first is not a make or break because you can do anything.

I’m planning to move to a capital city eventually, when I've finished the course, and I’ll try and join a theatre group there and see what’s on offer through casting agencies.