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My name is Jason and I have completed a Master of Business Administration externally at CQUniversity.

And what’s my plan? To continually reinvent and test myself going forward.

I’d worked for about 20 years in engineering before realising I wanted to do more. I’d gone as far as I could in the area I was in, so I thought to myself how can I go further? The MBA allowed me to do that and gave me the broader understanding of the business side of things.

I approached a number of universities before deciding on CQUni. For me it was very important to pick a university which had a good reputation for distance education because I was living in remote Central Queensland at the time. It wasn’t easy to begin with, it’d been such a long time since I had last studied, but it was made so much easier by the lecturers genuinely wanting to be part of my learning experience. Studying online was never an isolating experience for me as the peer group I was in always looked out for each other. It was so great because it was such a diverse group of people who were going through the degree, people who I ordinarily never would have met. Not only did it open my eyes to the business side of things, it opened my eyes to the world.

Everybody was remote, everybody had their own struggles to overcome, but we all helped each other out and we got through it. And every single one of us finished the degree. I personally believe that doing it externally built a greater sense of camaraderie. When I have studied on campus in the past I’ve felt a little bit isolated which I know sounds strange. Externally, we all had similar issues and similar goals. I built lifelong friendships through studying online with CQUniversity.

For anyone living remotely who needs extra help getting through the first part of their degree, I think CQUni is second-to-none. The support I received from my lecturers was world class. I was still working full time with a family of four children and soccer still happened, cricket still happened, dance still happened, all those things still had to happen. So, obviously you need a great support network which I got from CQUni.

The only thing that ever stops you is you. For all those barriers I thought I had, the biggest one was myself. I thought it was past my time but it’s definitely not.

Doing the MBA was all about my family and how it would benefit our lives. The MBA gave us a way back to Brisbane. Without the degree we wouldn’t have been able to do that.

My main message for others is if you are considering it: do it. Because you CAN do it and be what you want to be.

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