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Isaac Jensen
Bachelor of Digital Media

Before I came to CQUniversity, I was actually working overseas in a pub near London. I had started an animation degree but was taking a bit of a working holiday and decided I wanted to study something a bit broader. Although I really wanted to specialise in animation, going down a path where that's the only thing you know is not really broad enough from a job market perspective.

That led me to the digital media degree (Bachelor of Digital Media) at CQUniversity.

I chose them because they were the one place that offered a course that was broad spectrum, so it covered all the avenues that I wanted to dip my toe into and try out. It opened it up areas like graphic design, film industry marketing and social media – all that extra stuff that I wouldn't have gotten just by doing a straight animation degree.

I really enjoyed game development and animation, which is something that I had a chance to do throughout the degree. Animation was primarily where I wanted to go but doing some game development courses, I really found a passion for it and that's something that I would definitely want to have a look into.

CQUniversity also offered me the option to do online study, so if I wanted to move around or go back overseas I had that option to still study and travel. I think being flexible in this day and age is important. Youth culture is to travel and to see the world. So by having the flexibility to study by distance you can get the experience of living in the moment but also set yourself up by studying to get a degree while you're having fun.

What I enjoyed most about studying at CQUniversity, apart from the flexibility, was how good the community was, especially for distance. The online community and the online presence in the way of courses has been quite strong. And lots of staff members help out with the courses. It's the same with the student culture as well. Even students that may not be studying by distance, they're still very active on the online side of it. So there's help with students from all over. I did a group project and one girl was in Melbourne, and two of the other girls were up in Rockhampton, and it was seamless.

The staff were absolutely fantastic. Everyone was really, really supportive. They're all on the cusp of everything. If you have any questions you know they're always there to help out, night or day, and they've always got an answer. They have been really good.

I would honestly say that CQUniversity really nurtured my own development to the point where I am 100 percent comfortable stepping into any job within the field that I've studied.

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