CQUni knows George

Get to know George

My name is George and I’m currently studying a Master of Clinical Chiropractic at CQUniversity Brisbane.

I’ve always been interested in the human body and helping people be the best they can be from a health perspective. It all started from a personal experience, when playing sports as a teenager I experienced many pelvic issues and wasn’t performing at my best. I got referred to a chiropractor after a GP couldn’t help me and I experienced really good results. I thought there was a lot of power involved in chiropractic and it was something I wanted to pursue and learn more about. I was involved in playing AFL and athletics and have been amazed how the human body can transform and what it can do.

I grew up in country South Australia and after high school, I started studying Human Movement at another uni in Adelaide for half a year before I decided I wanted to pursue chiropractic straight away. It was in 2014 that I decided to move to Brisbane to study with CQUni for the Master of Clinical Chiropractic on campus - I chose to do some of the units online which is an option as well. I moved for the lifestyle that Queensland offered, and the course at CQUni was brand new and pioneering in a way, which was exciting.

I did a lot of research into chiropractic courses that were on offer in Australia and New Zealand, but New Zealand wasn’t really an option for me and neither were Perth or Melbourne as I wanted to pursue an active lifestyle that was based in Queensland. CQUniversity was the best for me. I chose the University for the Flexibility it offers. I was pursuing high-level sports so I wanted to be able to have time to study and train. You can study by distance education and on campus as well as between their different campuses, so you can study in Brisbane and Sydney and in Mackay. I really liked the flexibility I had with that, alongside the world-class lecturers we have on offer, it really influenced my decision to study at CQUniversity.

The best thing about the chiropractic course at CQUni is the industry experience you get. In our fifth year, we go into the Health Clinic which is run by our students and supervised by the tutors. We treat people from the public who come in with all sorts of problems that you would see in any clinic.

As a Chiropractor, you get to help so many people in many different ways, it’s a very personal profession. We’re always hands-on with the patients and with helping people not only relieve pain but live their best lives. You get to connect with the patients in a totally different way to many other health professions. The trust your patients instil in you as a practitioner is quite unique and very special, it makes you feel like you make a real difference in their lives as well.