Courtney brings her passion for animal care to CQUniversity with a new TAFE Course

CQUniversity’s teacher Courtney Liddy is a real Dr Doolittle.

Courtney with her many years of experience as a veterinary nurse in North and Central Queensland delivers the Certificate II in Animal Studies via online study – an entry level course into the veterinary industry.

“The course, which has been running for a number of years, covers many areas, but mainly animal behaviour, nutrition and hygiene in small and large animals,” Courtney said.

“Students learn about basic care and nutrition, monitoring animals’ health parameters and vaccinations and also how to notice the signs when an animal is unwell.”

She said the course provides an introduction to what it’s like to be a veterinary nurse.

Courtney grew up around animals in Townsville and worked with vets treating a range of animals, including horses. She fell in love with animal care and followed her passion through to secure a traineeship with a vet clinic whilst studying to become a qualified veterinary nurse.

When Courtney is not teaching CQUni TAFE students she is busy at home, caring for five horses, three border collies, cat, scaly breasted lorikeet and four chickens.

“It is rewarding, but anyone who wants to become a vet or veterinary nurse really needs to spend some time in the industry to understand what it is like” she said.

“Yes, you do get to play with cuddly animals, but it’s not for the faint-hearted because sometimes, there is heartbreak and very long hours.”

But she said she wouldn’t want any other job in the world.

“When you’re in the vet industry no two days are the same – it’s a fast-paced job and it’s certainly not a desk job,” she said.