CQUni Knows Beatrix

Get to know Beatrix

Beatrix King
Bachelor of Building Surveying and Certification (Honours)

Building surveying and certification involves looking at any built environment project from the beginning to the end. Building certification is required for any new building works; a certifier will need to take into consideration the fire services, egress from the building, disability access and all other BCA (Building Code of Australia) requirements to achieve building approval.

My family are all involved in the construction industry, so it’s something I’m very familiar and comfortable with; it’s something I know and I understand. From a very young age, we were all on site understanding how things are built from the ground up, understanding about retaining walls and footings, and so I’ve just kind of always been around it. It would feel unnatural to be in any other industry.

I started studying town planning and it wasn’t really the right fit – I found it was a little too theory-based for me. You didn’t get to go on site, so you were probably stuck in the office a lot more than I am. I wanted a job that allows me to get out every day, to go on site and see how things are physically going, as well as doing the theory and paper work side. So, I looked into courses that I could study on my own while working. I knew a little bit about this CQUni degree and its associated work opportunities. Certification, which used to just be under the local council’s umbrella, had recently become privatised and there would be more job opportunities for me.

The building industry is typically male based. However, I think that building certification is such a great job that anyone can do. I think my strength is a big focus on attention to detail and processes. It is essential in this job to make sure nothing can slip through the cracks.

CQUniversity offers a much easier path to qualification than the other unis I looked into. From what I found, there was no other tertiary education institution that encompassed all requirements to receive a class 1, 2 or 3 licence with AIBS (Australian Industry of Building Surveyors) without switching institutions. For me personally, not having to be on campus was a positive thing because I needed to be able to work full time as well. And since I work full time all year ‘round, I figured I may as well study all year ‘round as well. I’m working all the time, so it doesn’t make sense to break it up. So, studying over summer in term 3 cuts about a year off my degree; I get there faster and I’m looking for every advantage I can get.

It is very important to work while studying this degree because, with this degree particularly, you need that hands-on experience. I currently work as a building code consultant, which is the position just prior to a building certifier. Once I get my degree, I only need to apply for my license and prove that I have a couple of years’ experience, and then I’ll be a licensed building certifier. So, I’ll have it all. The best part is, the CQUniversity degree is accredited with AIBS (Australian Institute of Building Surveyors), which is the building certification and surveyor’s organisation.

I love knowing that at the end, the degree I’m getting from CQUniversity is already accredited. I know that it’s already going to be accepted and there isn’t anything else I need to do. There were a couple of other people in our office studying at different institutions, but they’ve all moved across to CQUni because it’s a simpler path to completing the degree and becoming accredited.