CQUni knows Andre

Get to know Andre

My name is Andre Ghouse and I did a Bachelor of Nursing at CQUniversity.

I was a pharmacy technician at the Nambour Hospital and was asking my wife – who is a registered nurse – some physiology questions. She said to me ‘you should become a nurse!’ To me, it was out of the question because I would have to go to university – and I needed to work full time. But she was insistent. She said ‘I’m sure there are online universities where you can study and go to work at the same time’. So we Googled ‘online uni’ and up popped CQUni and I started looking into it and I thought ‘well, I could do this!’ That was a Friday night. Monday morning I enrolled into the STEPS  (preparatory) program and three and a half years later, got my degree.

CQUniversity wasn’t the only online university I could choose but the flexibility that it showed and the campus at Noosa where they held residential schools were great for me. I was a husband with two school-aged children and a mortgage, so taking time off to go to uni was not an option. CQUni’s flexibility, course and curriculum made it a fairly easy choice for me.

I looked forward to the residential schools. I absolutely loved them because you get to meet the lecturers, you get to meet the people in the library, you meet the technicians and then you meet your fellow students and you’re there for three days or two days or whatever the situation is, and you develop these great friendships. For me, I felt it was balanced in that you had enough of the practical components, whilst achieving the necessary theoretical stuff.

I was nervous about starting a degree at 44, but we were all mature-aged students in the online nursing course. And when we did prac they [those from the clinical placements] loved it. We’d lived a life. We’d had our hearts broken. We’d drunk wine, we’d eaten food, and we’d lived enough to know what is good, bad or indifferent! So when we were having a discussion with somebody we were able to have a mature, structured conversation – which meant feedback from the professional arena towards CQUniversity students was very positive. It made me feel really comfortable and proud to be a part of a university that was viewed very positively.

Nursing is an interesting calling and it’s not for everybody. I have always been passionate about being of service and nursing helps me fulfil that need or that desire in a much greater way.

I view looking after my patients as a privilege. They’re at their most vulnerable and it’s my job to protect them to make sure they’re safe. I want to help people, and that sounds very cliché, but it is deeper than that. For me, it’s about caring for somebody when those that love them can’t. And I can do that thanks to the skills and strong grounding that CQUni gave me.