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Amanda Fotinos

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Amanda Fotinos
Bachelor of Business

I started my first year of my Bachelor of Business; I deferred for about two years or so, mainly because I didn’t really know what I wanted. I travelled abroad, I worked full-time and then I came back and thought this is exactly what I wanted to do.

In the beginning, it was the accounting side that interested me. And then as I was going through, I had more of a feel for the business side. My family background is in business, my parents both had their own businesses. We used to own a café; my dad now owns his own painting business and my mum has her own novelty cake-making business. So, growing up, I was in that sort of area.

Having a business degree will help you financially, but, as a foundation, it [also] allows you to go into many different areas. My lecturers always bring back their own personal experiences with business and how it’s brought them to where they are today.

I chose CQUni mainly because of the support that it gives its students. I feel it’s very one-on-one and quite personal, which is what I like. And I feel like it does offer a lot of opportunities and variety. I have some friends that had gone to CQUniversity; they mentioned the one-on-one experience, the activities and the opportunities, and that really drew me straight away. They strive for students to be who they want to be, without putting any pressure on them. They provide the right resources to guide them to where they want to go.

I am studying on campus. I prefer the smaller, local feel. One, it’s very close to where I live; two, it’s very easy to get everywhere. I know exactly where I have to go and it’s very accessible. Being in a city, it’s very central: very easy for me to get in, get where I have to go, and get back.

Each lecturer that I’ve been in contact with has been very helpful, has shared their own personal experiences in their field. They’ve shared a number of resources, websites, links, and companies. That’s been very helpful. The best thing is obviously the students – I’ve made great relationships and had a lot of support. I’ve had no issues with anyone… everyone’s been very friendly and nice. I’ve had a great experience.

My main area is management, but I am taking marketing electives and accounting electives as well. What I’ve learnt the most [about] is communication and customer service – appealing to the customer and my audience, different ways to do that. I think it’s preparing me very well. I’ve learnt so many things that I didn’t think I’d genuinely learn, especially in law and accounting. I’ve learnt a lot about myself than I did before and new ways to tackle different roadblocks or situations. I think that’s really helped me. Every single time I go to uni, just the atmosphere of going into class, seeing my fellow classmates and my lecturer – I do feel inspired to get my work done and just continue following this path.

Business to me is just being passionate in what you’re doing. A lot of people go into business just for the sake of it, just to earn money. What I want to do is offer people something that isn’t out there right now. I want to give people a good experience, a good product.

As soon as I finish, I’d love to hop straight into work, to apply to firms or organisations, whether that’s interstate or domestic here in Brisbane. Then, with more experience in the business management field, in the future, I think I’d like to own my own business – either in the fashion or beauty industry. But I feel like I’m prepared for anything. For now, I would love to work in any sort of management field. I do like marketing as well.

Once I get my business degree, I’ll feel accomplished. It’s been a long time running – I’ve worked hard for it. Once I have it, I’ll be very happy.