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Get to know Stephen

CQUni Knows Criminology

“In the Bachelor of Science (Criminology and Psychology), criminology, which looks at criminal justice, criminology theory, digital criminology and crime, is perfectly underpinned by psychology, which is a very useful in understanding criminal activity. A greater depth of knowledge in multiple disciplines makes you far more employable.”

“The big advantage is that it’s going to be taught face-to-face in regional areas. It’s also going to be taught online right across Australia.”

“This would attract students who would like to work in fields like protective services, customs, the police force and other government departments, security organisations and in private security.”

Read more about Stephen, law professor and Dean of Law at CQUniversity.

Get to know Kevin

CQUni Knows Built Environment

“I’m heavily involved in the Bachelor of Construction and Bachelor of Applied Technology courses. CQUniversity offers the only hybrid courses available where you start at a TAFE level, but you can finish with a degree.”

“Employers have told me that if they’ve got a student who wants to do a traditional apprenticeship and one of ours who has already done the first half of the course, they’ll pick our student every time. They’ve already mastered the physical skills, so they just need to do it in the real world.”

“If you want a career in automotive or building, it’s a springboard to a lifelong career. These courses will improve your opportunities and underpin your success.”

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Get to know Jodie

CQUni Knows Jodie

“You don’t become a social innovator, you become socially innovative in what you do. It is all about coming up with new solutions to old problems, learning how to take the resources you’ve got, redirect them and make a positive impact, and create change.”

“It’s only four subjects, so it’s not a huge commitment in terms of time. The first year you discover human-centred design thinking and content that starts you on the journey of learning from best practice. The next subject is work-integrated learning. The third unit is entrepreneurship, learning about scalable start-ups.”

“If you’ve always approached something in a traditional way, doing a course like this might bend the way you think of things. I recommend it.”

Read more about Jodie, who is studying Social Innovation at CQUniversity.

Get to know Aldon

CQUni Knows Tactical Medicine

“I’m a critical care medicine and technical rescue paramedic. I’ve worked in eight different countries including remote environments, jungles, deserts, cities and war zones, providing intensive care level medical support in high-risk, high-consequence situations.”

“I realised no course of this kind was available to non-military or non-government personnel. CQUniversity is the first in Australia, and the world, to offer a tertiary tactical medicine course that civilians can participate in.”

“If you’re seeking new knowledge in your field, want to work in a special operations team in Australia, or if you’d like to travel and apply your skills as a remote paramedic, this is the course for you.”

Read more about Aldon, a lecturer in Tactical Medicine at CQUniversity.

Get to know Beatrix

CQUni Knows Beatrix

“Building surveying and certification involves looking at any built environment project from beginning to end. A certifier will need to take into consideration all BCA (Building Code of Australia) requirements to achieve building approval.”

“My family are all involved in the construction industry; it’s something I know and I understand. It would feel unnatural to be in any other industry.”

“Not having to be on campus was a positive thing; it is very important to work while studying this degree because you need that hands-on experience. Once I get my degree, I only need to apply for my license and prove that I have a couple of years’ experience – then I’ll be a licensed building certifier.”

Read more about Beatrix, who is studying a Bachelor of Building Surveying and Certification (Honours) at CQUniversity.

Get to know Dallas

CQUni Knows Dallas

“I left school when I was 15 and joined the Army, but I always knew there was something more I wanted to do. At the moment I’m focused on creative writing; I have three books published. One’s an Australian myth and the other two are fantasy quest-style books. It wasn’t until I did my Masters study at CQUniversity that I actually finished the novel.”

“CQUni had that friendly feel to it and was local. It’s a fairly autonomous course, but my two lecturers were both there when I needed to check in and touch base. The creative writing content helped me to write differently.”

“The qualification has helped me to hone my craft and explore new avenues.”

Read more about Dallas, who is completing a Master of Letters at CQUniversity.