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Short Courses

Short Courses

CQUniversity offer a range of accredited and non-accredited short courses across a variety of interest areas. If you are looking at upgrading your skills, or have a talent or interest that you would like to pursue, our suite of short courses are designed to bring you the knowledge and skills you are looking for.

Non-accredited courses, known as Adult Community Education (ACE) courses are short courses without formal assessment for people over 15 years and are typically held for two to three hours a week, over six to eight weeks. Accredited short courses are designed to provide knowledge and skills across a wide range of topics including automotive, art, beauty, information technology, hospitality, small business, languages and sport.

Check out what’s available below, and be sure to register your details on your course page of interest to be kept up to date with course developments, application timelines and events happening in your area.

Community Short Courses

Psychology, Social Work and Community Services
Domestic and Family Violence Studies
  • ACC00083 - Handling Domestic and Family Violence
  • Professional Development Short Courses

  • CPD25 - Aseptic Technique - An Introduction
  • CPD20 - Assisting Clients with Self-Medication
  • CPD42 - Asthma - An Introduction to Management
  • CPD43 - Australian Health Care System – An Introduction
  • IND04 - Certificate in Cross Sector Partnering
  • CPD01 - Chest X-ray Basic Review
  • CPD23 - Clinical Handover - Effective Communication
  • CPD22 - Communication at the End of Life
  • CPD30 - Dealing with Aggression - An Introduction
  • CPD02 - Dementia: An Introduction to Dementia
  • CPD03 - Diabetic Client Management (Introduction to Diabetes)
  • CPD28 - Effective Communication in Healthcare
  • CPD04 - Foot and Nail Care
  • CPD38 - Healthy Ageing - An Introduction
  • CPD40 - Human Services Quality Standards
  • - Infection Control and Prevention – Clinical Health Setting
  • WS01 - Manual Handling
  • CPD06 - Motor Neurone Disease: Client Care in the Community
  • CPD41 - National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - An Introduction
  • CPD21 - Nursing Competency Assessment Testing Service - Candidate Preparation Information
  • CPD07 - Oral Health Care
  • CPD18 - Organ and Tissue Donation in Australia
  • IND16 - Participatory Health Research
  • CPD09 - Preceptorship of the Re Entry Registered Nurse
  • CPD08 - Preceptorship of the Undergraduate Nurse
  • CPD36 - Primary Survey
  • CPD27 - Professional Boundaries - A Health Professional's Guide
  • CPD29 - Reflective Writing - An Overview
  • IND17 - Renal Nursing: An Introduction
  • CPD10 - Reporting Elder Abuse in the Community Setting
  • CPD11 - Screening Mammography (Breastscreen Qld Program)
  • IND02 - Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurse Authorisation Course
  • CPD12 - Sexual Decision Making - Positive Youth Development
  • CPD13 - Sexual Health in Australia - Sex for Seniors
  • CPD16 - Stoma Management (Basic Stoma Care)
  • CPD17 - The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
  • CPD31 - Triage - An Introduction
  • CPD14 - Vital Signs- Introduction to Baseline Observations
  • CPD15 - Wound Management - History, Myths and Traditions
  • CPD39 - Writing Progress Notes - An Introduction