Neuroleadership - PDC59908




45 hours 

Neuroscience research related to leadership has exploded in the last fifteen years. Findings from contemporary research are examined in an easy to understand and meaningful way in this online Short Course to provide practical strategies for leaders that can be used immediately. Optimal brain function for leaders draws on human motivation, learning and influence theory. The premise that leadership is about influence, not just authority has implications to how we lead others if we want to inspire others to be at their peak. The course draws theoretically and practically from Newman’s (2018) ICECAPS Model of influence.

The fee for this short course will be $396.00.

Standard Course Structure


45 hours 

  1. Devise and enhance brain-friendly strategies in leadership
  2. Appraise practical Neuroleadership strategies including building trust
  3. Develop autonomous, expert judgment in the ICECAPS Model of influence
  4. Critically analyse and synthesise contemporary neuroscientific research on leadership.


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There are no specific entry requirements to enrol in this course, however, it is relevant to anyone involved in education who would like to complete studies in a flexible and self-paced environment to gain neuroscientific insights to inform practices.

This course provides Professional Development for education professionals.

Undertaking this course enables students to meet their Continuing Professional Development obligations for registration and industry update requirements in their profession. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded 45 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and a CQUniversity Certificate of Completion.

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