Graduate Diploma of Accident Investigation - CC50

This course develops your advanced level expertise in the investigation and analysis of the factors which lead to accidents and the interventions required to prevent their recurrence.






1 years full-time, 2 years part-time



Completion of the Graduate Diploma of Accident Investigation will afford you advanced skills at systematically breaking down the factors leading to an accident and making the necessary findings and conclusions for prevention. As a student of this course you will complete an applied accident investigation project based on a 'real' accident reconstruction at the CQUniversity crash lab.

If you have an interest in responsibility for accident investigations across industry and society, the Graduate Diploma of Accident Investigation is designed for you. The course provides core studies in the principles of accident investigation, accident phenomenology, accident forensics, accident analysis and human factors investigation. Students are then able to continue into the Master of Safety Science (Specialisation) and choose a specialist domain (Air, Rail, Road or Industrial). Students choosing this option will gain full credit for completed studies.

The course has been developed in consultation with Australia's leading accident investigation professionals from air, rail, road and industrial contexts, and the leading organisations and government authorities which inform public safety strategies.You will have an opportunity to complete authentic learning tasks in the state of the art, purpose-built Forensic Accident Investigation Crash Lab, the only one of its kind in Australia.

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Online Availability

Term 1 - 2020Available Online
Term 2 - 2020Available Online


You are required to complete 5 core units. Although there are no specific specialisations within the Graduate Diploma of Accident investigation, you are able to tailor the context of your assessment to the workplace context of interest to your career.

For information on the units, you could study as part of this course, visit the Handbook and select the "Course Structure" tab.

If you have already completed study relevant to the course you have enrolled in, you may be eligible for credit transfer.

Work-integrated learning does not apply to this course.
There are 2 core units with a compulsory residential school for all students. These are: Safety and Accident Phenomenology and Crash Lab Analysis Project.
Entry scores are not applicable for this course.

Students are required to possess

1) an undergraduate degree; or

2) five years experience in a safety science related role in upper or middle management; or

3) three years experience in a safety science related role and a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety or Work Health and Safety.

Students applying on the basis of experience may be required to provide evidence of writing skills.

International Students

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All applications are subject to approval by the School.

Security Requirements

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Health Requirements

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Assumed Knowledge

Students who would like to join this course but have not attended university level studies previously and do not feel confident in their academic skills may benefit from enrolling in one of the CQUniversity bridging courses such as STEPS to prepare for their studies. Students who have not studied at university previously are also recommended to enrol in GOAS "Getting Optimistic About Study" a free unit which provides additional study skills support.

In the Graduate Diploma of Accident Investigation you will undertake core subjects in the area of Accident Investigation including the areas of human factors, risk management, investigation law, safety systems, accident phenomenology and accident forensics and engineering. This will see you enhancing your career advancement opportunities as a specialist in your chosen area being highly employable in their field of expertise across both the private and public sectors.

The increasing focus on safety and health, together with global business and public sector emphasis on achieving reduced costs and higher reliability have resulted in the graduates of the CQU accident investigation units, being highly sought after by a range of industries including mining, manufacturing, maritime, aviation, defence, transport and logistics, health, consultancy and also government departments and authorities such as the police force.

International Society of Air Safety Investigators: The international professional body for air safety investigators recognises formal safety investigation training courses as part of its membership grading criteria. The course will meet the specialist investigation education criteria of the Society and will ensure graduates of the course will gain professional grade membership of the Society after completing the course. Australian Society of Air Safety Investigators: The Australian professional body for air safety investigators recognises formal safety investigation training courses as part of its membership grading criteria. The course will meet the specialist investigation education criteria of the Society and will ensure graduates of the course will gain professional grade membership of the Society after completing the course. New Zealand Society of Air Safety Investigators: The New Zealand professional body for air safety investigators recognises formal safety investigation training courses as part of its membership grading criteria. The course will meet the specialist investigation education criteria of the Society and will ensure graduates of the course will gain professional grade membership of the Society after completing the course. Safety Institute of Australia: The Australian OHS professional body recognises tertiary OHS education courses as part of its formal membership grading criteria. The course will surpass the minimum OHS education content requirements for graduates to be graded as Members of the Institute upon completion of the course. Likely future changes to the professional body's OHS education criteria should result in graduates being recognised at OHS Para-professional level, although these changes are yet to be introduced by the professional body. Directorate of Defence and Air Force Safety: The Directorate is the aviation safety watchdog for the Australian military forces. The Directorate also has responsibility for conducting all major aviation accident inquiries within the Australian military. It presently recognises the course of our global competitors, Cranfield University and University of Southern California, as suitable for investigation training for Australian military personnel. Australian Transportation Safety Bureau: The Bureau is Australia's leading transport investigation agency. It has itself been a provider of investigation education for government investigators within Australia. Its CEO has pledged significant support for the course and indicated ATSB will recognise the course as appropriate continuing professional development for ATSB investigators. Australian Insurance Alliance: The Alliance has been searching for a credible method of educating insurance company accident investigators and loss adjusters in Australia for many years. The Alliance members have indicated that the proposed course will be recognised by the insurance companies as an appropriate education pathway for new investigators who have traditionally been drawn from engineering and management personnel ranks.
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