Generic Induction for Health Care Workers - PDC52466






2 hours

This online Short Course provides students with a generic annual induction to work in the healthcare industry. Throughout the course, information and activities are provided to help build skills.

The fee for this short course will be $45.00.

Standard Course Structure

Duration: 2 hours
  1. Identify potential healthcare injuries for those working in healthcare facilities
  2. Identify core concepts in safe manual handling in the workplace
  3. Describe the principles of infection control including sharps injury management
  4. Identify the principles of hazardous substances management in the workplace
  5. Identify types of occupational violence in the workplace, including management
  6. Describe the equipment and safety procedures required in fire and safety in the workplace.


Online Quiz

There are no specific entry requirements, however, students enrolling in this course should work in the healthcare profession.

This course provides Professional Development for health professionals.

Undertaking this course enables students to meet their Continuing Professional Development obligations and industry update requirements in their profession. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded 2 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and a CQUniversity Certificate of Completion.

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