Other Study Costs

On top of your tuition fees, or student contribution, there are some other costs to consider such as the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), travel costs associated with residential schools and placements, and general study costs such as textbooks and technology.

The SSAF is a compulsory fee charged in addition to tuition fees and student contributions. It is charged each term of study and is used to enhance student services and facilities following funding guidelines and student feedback. Whether you are studying online or on campus, SSAF goes towards improving your study experience.

You may be eligible for the SA-HELP loan, a scheme allowing students to defer their SSAF. For more information on SA-HELP visit our Paying for Uni page.

How much is the SSAF fee?

Do students have a say in how SSAF is allocated?

Each year, all students and democratically elected student representatives can provide feedback about the types of services and facilities that will be funded through the SSAF. This feedback informs how SSAF funds are allocated in the following year.

The SSAF Steering Group and the Chair of the Student Representative Council (SRC) are responsible for determining the annual allocations of Student Services and Amenities Fee, considering funding guidelines, existing commitments, new initiatives and projected revenue. The SRC is the democratically elected student representative body of CQUniversity and manages the consultation process with students and their representatives. After the student consultation period, the University’s Executive Management Committee endorses the SSAF Steering Group's approved allocations.

Outside the consultation process, students and student groups are also welcome to provide views on the current year's SSAF expenditure and submit proposals at any time via email to the Vice President, Student and Corporate Services at Feedback received through this avenue will be considered as part of the consultation for the following year’s SSAF allocation.

You can learn more about SSAF Funding Allocations via your MyCQU student portal.

What if students don't intend to use the student services and amenities?

Whether you intend to use any of the services and amenities provided by CQU, you can be charged the SSAF.

Additional course costs may include:

  • Purchasing textbooks (second-hand copies or digital copies are a great way to save money)
  • You’ll have access to our student computer labs on campus, but you may want to have your own device
  • Computing programs
  • Purchasing items like uniforms or personal safety equipment
  • Participating in course-related activities and field trips
  • Getting vaccinations
  • Applying for a blue card
  • Stationery, photocopying and printing.

Usually, the textbooks and equipment you need for each unit are listed in your unit profile on the student portal. You will find out more about these costs in the lead-up to each term once you have enrolled.

As a student, you may find other study costs that occur on an ad hoc basis. These costs are not dependent on your enrolment. These sundry charges may include:

  • late charges,
  • graduation attendance fees,
  • library charges.

If you’re moving away from home for the first time or choosing to live on campus, some expenses may include:

  • Rent or accommodation fees
  • Meals and entertainment
  • Mobile phone, internet and streaming service bills
  • Fuel, parking fees and public transport fares.

On-campus accommodation fees
If you're interested in living on-campus, find out more about accommodation fees at our Mackay and Rockhampton campuses.

You will need to fund any travel associated with attending residential schools or work placements that form part of your degree. Wherever possible, your teaching team will coordinate placements that are close to home or schedule residential school requirements in blocks to limit travel and the costs associated with this.

It's a good idea to consider theses costs in your study budget. Remember, a scholarship can be useful in these instances - explore scholarships.

For some courses with clinical placements, you may be required to pay an incidental fee associated with clinical placement forfeiture and clinical placement supplementation if this occurs. An incidental fee may be charged when, as a student, you have been provided with a clinical placement opportunity and accepted it and have either:

  • failed to complete the placement and require supplementary placement opportunities, or
  • forfeited your place and withdrawn from the course or unit.
  • More information about incidental clinical fees is available once enrolled in your units via your course and unit coordinators.


At CQU, it’s important to us to make university study as accessible as possible.

That's why we offer a variety of scholarships that can help with study costs, such as tuition fees, laptops, accommodation, living expenses, travel and more.

With a range of scholarships available, you don’t have to be limited to choosing just one. Check your eligibility and start planning your application.