Graduate Guarantee

At CQUniversity Australia, we pride ourselves on having some of the best graduate outcomes in the country. We believe it’s our approach to providing practical, industry aligned degrees that have seen us achieve this success, but we won’t rest until all of our graduates are able to land their dream jobs.

This is why we’ve introduced our Graduate Guarantee. It’s a peace of mind warranty that now comes with every undergraduate level CQUniversity degree.

Graduate and land a job in your area, or we will support your continued learning while your search continues with a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship at no cost.

Our graduate outcomes – where will your degree take you? Transcript

If you’re a CQUniversity graduate and haven’t secured either a part-time or full-time job within your discipline within six months of issue of your degree, you will be eligible to apply for a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship at no cost.

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership  and Entrepreneurship is offered through our Be Different platform, is available entirely online and if you’re eligible you will have up to 12 months to complete your free study.

The course provides a general grounding in modern business and leadership practice, units include:

  • Disruption, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • People, Leadership and Culture
  • Social Innovation
  • Strategic Marketing.

The Graduate Guarantee is available for both domestic and international students, onshore and offshore.

To apply to study the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship for free under the Graduate Guarantee you must:

  • Have graduated from a CQUniversity undergraduate degree in 2022 or later
  • Have studied at least 16 Units with CQUniversity
  • Maintain an up-to-date Portfolium / LinkedIn profile
  • Have not achieved relevant employment (neither part-time nor full-time) since your official undergraduate degree conferral date
  • Apply between six and 12 months after graduation
  • Complete your Graduate Certificate within 12 months of commencement.

Applications completed via online form. Check back here for the link to apply in 2022.


You’ll have a total of three years to finish the qualification, but the free course is only valid for twelve months from when you start.  If you don’t quite get there and still want to complete the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship, then you can purchase the remaining units.

A promise is a promise, you didn’t have a job at the six month point and we offered you the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship free of charge, providing you can fit your study around your exciting new job, and can finish your study within twelve months, we’re happy for you to finish the course (still free of charge).

Yes, as long as the postgraduate component of study was a condition of your graduation, then you qualify for the Graduate Guarantee .

Absolutely. You chose your study area and career path carefully and with an outcome in mind, we want to support your ambition so we’ll honour your Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship place at no cost.

For domestic students, there is a declaration statement included in the online application for the Graduate Certificate course, simply tick this statement to confirm your declaration that you have been unable to find either full-time or part-time work in your discipline within six months of your degree being conferred (the date on your degree certificate).

For international students, you will be asked to provide a declaration after you have submitted your application.

Apply online direct to CQUniversity.  You’ll need your CQUniversity student number handy. Our online application form will be available in 2022.

Yes, providing your conferral date (the date on your graduation certificate) ends in 2022, or later, you are eligible.

Yes, all international students studying on-campus in Australia or online outside Australia. You are eligible if you’re graduating from an undergraduate level course with a 2022 conferral date (the date on your graduation certificate) or later. You will be asked to provide a declaration stating that you don’t yet have a full-time or part-time job in your discipline after you have submitted an application..

If you are still in Australia following your original studies, you’ll also have to check your individual visa circumstances to ensure that participating in the Graduate Guarantee course does not affect your visa conditions or eligibility to remain in Australia. You should contact the Department of Home Affairs for any clarification about your visa conditions and confirm.

Employability and job search skills are provided by the CQUni Careers team throughout your study, there are services for recent graduates and alumni available on the Careers website and you’ll still be able to access additional materials and resources through your MyCQU app.

You will need to make a declaration as part of your application stating that you don’t yet have a full-time or part-time job in your discipline with your application. This declaration includes a statement that you have been looking for jobs in your field.

The Graduate Guarantee is only appliable for one attempt at each of the four units with the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship, if you fail and wish to reattempt the unit, then you’ll need to re-enrol and pay course fees.

Given the pragmatic and industry focused design of the majority of CQUniversity courses, establishing what job is within your discipline area will usually be straight forward. If you don’t consider that the job that you have would have been a reasonable outcome of your degree studies, then you are eligible for the Graduate Guarantee – don’t forget to agree to the declaration contained within the application form.

No, once you’ve held a position within the field that you studied for, you become ineligible for the Graduate Guarantee.

On completion of the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship you will be eligible for the Master of Business Administration (Leadership) and will receive credit for your studies. This course will be full fee paying, however you may be eligible for discounts as a CQUniversity alumni.

You’ll need to check with Centrelink depending on your individual circumstances.  Generally speaking, you need to be studying fulltime (or at least a 75% load) to qualify for support and the four units that make up the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship can be completed over 12 months – which would equate to about 50% of a fulltime study load (and therefore not qualify).

No. The Graduate Guarantee is designed for undergraduate level courses only. You may however be eligible to articulate into an undergraduate degree. To discuss your course options call us on 13 27 86 or Book a Conversation.