International Student Scholarship

The International Student Scholarship is available to all new international undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students who meet the academic criteria at CQUniversity Australia. The Scholarship rewards successful applicants with up to the value of 20 per cent of your tuition fees for the duration of their studies, subject to meeting terms and conditions.

Scholarship Value: 20% of your tuition fees

Length of Scholarship: Duration of course

Number Available: Unlimited

Opening Date: 01 January 2012

Closing Date: 31 December 2030

Study LevelUndergraduate; Postgraduate (Course work)
Year of StudyFuture/First Year
Study RegionAdelaide; Brisbane; Bundaberg; Cairns; Gladstone; Mackay; Melbourne; Noosa; Perth; Rockhampton; Sydney; Townsville
Study ModeOn-campus
Study LoadFull time

Eligibility Criteria

All International Student Scholarship recipients are governed by these terms and conditions.

  1. The International Student Scholarship is awarded, at the discretion of the University, to exceptional international students, undertaking on-campus, full-time degree study at CQUniversity Australia.
  2. The International Student Scholarship is only available to students applying for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework.
  3. The International Student Scholarship is only available for full degree courses (full bachelor or masters only).
  4. The International Student Scholarship is only available to students new to CQUniversity Australia - it is not available to students who are currently studying at CQUniversity Australia. Students currently studying at CQUniversity and applying for Change of Course will also not be eligible for the International Student Scholarship.
  5. The International Student Scholarship is not available in conjunction with any other CQUniversity Australia scholarship.
  6. The International Student Scholarship is not available to any student who has been given entrance to CQUniversity Australia based on work experience.
  7. The International Student Scholarship is not transferable to a third party or redeemable for cash.
  8. The International Student Scholarship is calculated and applied on a per term basis.
  9. The International Student Scholarship remains valid whilst the recipient:
    1. remains enrolled in full-time study in compulsory terms at CQUniversity Australia; and
    2. remains enrolled in the course listed on their Letter of Offer; and
    3. pays all tuition and additional fees/costs in accordance with CQUniversity Australia policy; ensuring tuition fees are paid in full by census date each term
    4. meets the conditions of their student visa.
  10. The International Student Scholarship will discontinue if the student named on the Letter of Offer:
    1. has overdue tuition fees and/or outstanding debts after census date of each term
    2. has a MAP 3 condition on their enrolment
    3. graduates from their nominated course; or cancels their enrolment, or has their enrolment cancelled at CQUniversity Australia.
  11. As per the refund policy, refund amounts payable to international students may be adjusted to include the recouping of waived published fees such as the repayment of any international student scholarships in accordance with the terms and conditions of those scholarships.
  12. If an international student cancels their studies at CQUniversity prior to the completion of their studies as per their Letter of Offer and COE and/or, if an international student transfers to a different Education Provider, the international student must repay the International Student Scholarship fees for each term that was completed. Fees owing may be deducted from any refund that is payable by the University or an invoice for the amount of Scholarship deducted for each relevant term prior to the request for cancellation will be sent to the student for payment.
  13. The International Student Scholarship may be withdrawn with 10 days’ written notice, should the recipient breach any of these terms and conditions.
  14. The International Student Scholarship and the International Student Scholarship – Regional is not available to international students undertaking the Bachelor of Aviation (Commercial Pilot).

Please refer to the International Student Scholarship eligibility criteria.

Please refer to the International Student Scholarship terms and conditions.

There is no right of appeal should the applicant be unsuccessful in securing a scholarship or has their scholarship withdrawn. The terms and conditions may be changed at any time and the University will provide 20 working days' written notice to all current International Student Scholarship recipients. Students who are uncertain about any of the terms and conditions, are encouraged to speak to the Student Experience team at their campus.

You must provide all certified or original translated completion certificates and academic transcripts to enable an assessment of your application.

You must apply for the International Student Scholarship when you apply for your undergraduate or postgraduate course at the same time through our online system iStart.

You will be able to monitor the status and outcome of your application through iStart.
CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor