Frequently Asked Questions


One of the major selection criteria for CQUni Scholarships is ‘community involvement and/or leadership potential’. Students are often involved or have previously been involved in extracurricular activities that meet this criteria without realising.

For example:

  • Recognised carer for family member with disability or medical condition
  • Community/Club/Hobby social media account/page/group administrator/moderator
  • Involvement in children’s school or sporting activities (reading groups, coaching, refereeing)
  • Blood donation or first aid qualifications
  • Member of Surf Life Saving or sporting clubs (player, coach, referee/umpire, volunteer, committee member)
  • Community/charity activities (park run, Shave for a Cure, Relay for Life) or other fundraisers
  • Natural disaster recovery efforts or volunteer emergency services
  • Previous military service or reserves
  • High school leadership programs (School/House Captain/Vice Captain, Mentor/Buddy, Prefect)
  • Church or cultural groups
  • Workplace leadership roles
  • Employee of the Month/Commendations
  • CQUni Student Mentor and Leadership Program
  • CQUni Student Ambassador Program
  • CQUni Student Representative Council/Clubs and Societies/Campus Life Committee
  • CQUni Participation or Connect Assistants

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attach evidence of community involvement or leadership potential to support their response to this criteria in the written submission. This may be in the form of a Certificate of Appreciation/Participation or a letter of support/reference from a community organisation or employer/previous employer, photo from a community event, news story or media post in which they have been named or photographed.

A written submission is a 500 word statement where an applicant addresses the selection criteria:

  • Career goals and how the scholarship will assist you in achieving your educational objectives;
  • Extracurricular activities – especially community and volunteering activities and demonstration of leadership.
  • Life experiences

The written submission is the most important part of a CQUni Scholarship Application that is reviewed by selection panels to determine the most worthy candidate.

See the Top Tips for a Stellar Scholarship Application and the Applying for a Scholarship the second time around for inspiration.

It is very important that once students have submitted a scholarship application, they regularly monitor their student email. If an application is received well in advance of the closing deadline but has supporting documents missing or contains information that needs to be verified, the applicant will be sent an email requesting further information.

Please be aware that due to the high volume of last-minute applications submitted in the final days prior to the deadline, applicants who have submitted incomplete applications may not be given this opportunity to provide further information to ensure their application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Students are strongly encouraged to attach all supporting documents to the application form in the first instance at the time of submitting the original application.

The ‘request for further information’ email includes information about what is required to complete the application and a ‘view and respond’ hyperlink to direct applicants back to their Scholarship Application in MyCQU for updating. The scholarship application form can be updated by attaching the requested additional supporting documents to the ‘Financial Details’ and/or the ‘Further Details’ page (whichever page is applicable). To resubmit the application form back for further assessment, click the 'submit further details' button on the last page.

Any request for further information needs to be responded to and received prior to the closing date of scholarship applications. Late responses will not be considered.

Everyone. A common misconception is that only high achieving students are awarded scholarships. This is not the case. CQUniversity offers a range of scholarships and bursaries tailored to meet the diverse needs and circumstances of our students. Many scholarships have been designed to specifically assist students studying from particular regions, courses or to support students from disadvantaged or low-income backgrounds.

Students enrolled in courses that require the purchase of specific equipment, require periods of unpaid compulsory industry/field placements or students studying by distance who are required to travel to attend residential schools are strongly encouraged to apply for a scholarship to assist with these costs.

Scholarships can also assist students to balance their employment/family responsibilities/study loads, taking some pressure off the finances allowing more time to focus on study.

Students can apply for scholarships using our easy online process. Click the ‘MyCQU’ button (above the ‘search scholarships’ menu) on the Scholarships webpage to be directed to the online application form.

We encourage all students to apply for scholarships at least twice per year – prior to Term 1 and 2. Even if previous applications have been unsuccessful, have another go! Don’t be discouraged.

Term 1 Scholarships generally begin opening in October of the year prior (October 2019 for 2020 Scholarships) and close prior to the start of Term 1.

Term 2 Scholarships have a considerably shorter application period, generally occurring in late May/early June and close before the end of mid-year vacation period. Students should monitor the Scholarships webpage and Student Broadcast for announcements.

For future prospective students, closing dates may occur before you have been offered a place of study with CQUniversity. Future and new students can apply online for a scholarship as soon as scholarship applications open using the prospect application form.

Applicants should check the scholarship webpage for closing dates. Submitting an application as early as possible is recommended to ensure any additional information requested is received before the closing date. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

What makes the CQUni online application process easy is that students do not need to spend time sifting through all the various scholarships to see which ones they may be eligible for. CQUni does that for you!

Students only need to complete one generic online scholarship application form that will be used to assess eligibility for any CQUniversity Scholarships available in the upcoming term (with the exception of Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships). Students do not need to apply for specific CQUniversity scholarships separately.

Whilst students are encouraged to submit a generic written submission that could be considered for any scholarship and by any panel (written submission does not name a particular scholarship), multiple written submissions will be accepted if students would like to customise a written submission to reflect the core values of a particular donor organisation. To do this, students will need to name their supporting documents to identify which written submission generic and which is for a particular scholarship:

  • A Citizen – Written Submission (generic)
  • A Citizen – BHP Community Scholarship Written Submission

Students will then need to provide four documents for their application to be considered complete. Documents which need to be attached are:

  1. Your current resume. If you need assistance with creating or updating your resume, the CQUni Careers Team have a very useful resource.
    If you haven’t been in the workforce before or for some time, think about the skills you may have developed through your study or while raising a family/caring for others – time management, multi-tasking, organisational skills, conflict management and negotiation.
  2. Any documents that demonstrate academic achievement. This can be your CQUni Unofficial Academic Transcript (which can be downloaded from MyCQU) if you are a continuing Uni student or a document from high school or any other study or work-related training you have done.
  3. Any documents that support your community involvement or leadership potential in the community or workplace. Please see previous Frequently Asked Question for ideas.
  4. Your written submission addressing the following: -Career goals and how the scholarship will assist you in achieving your educational objectives; -Extracurricular activities – especially community and volunteering activities and demonstration of leadership -Life experiences

Our online scholarship application form is also used to assess eligibility for low-income scholarships. Students can elect to be considered for scholarships designed to assist low personal or family income, or where they can demonstrate financial need through the online scholarship application form. There is a specific ‘financial details’ section of the form for students to complete if they would like to be considered for these scholarships.

Statistically, most university students do struggle financially with the costs of study and we strongly encourage students who juggle work and study, students who have dependent children or students receiving Centrelink assistance to complete the ‘Financial Details’ section of the application form.

To be considered for scholarships reserved for students in financial need, applications should answer ‘YES’ in the financial details information section of the application form. Students will be prompted with a few extra questions to determine what supporting income documents are required to be assessed for low-income scholarships. Most often, the supporting documents requested are three recent payslips or Centrelink Income Statements.

To be considered for Indigenous specific scholarships and bursaries, students will need to provide a Confirmation of Identity (previously known as Confirmation of Aboriginality/Torres Strait Islander) as an additional supporting document to their scholarship application.

A Confirmation of Identity is issued by an Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander organisation that has been signed by the Organisation’s Chairperson and includes the corporate seal. For scholarships and bursaries, the Confirmation of Identity document should be issued to the student in their current legal name where possible. Confirmation of Identity documents issued in the name of a parent or sibling cannot be accepted.

If you are unable to obtain your Confirmation of Identity (Confirmation of Aboriginality) you can provide 2 x Cultural Refences and a Statutory Declaration.

A Cultural Referee is defined as:

  • A recognised Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community member named or known as a spokesperson, a member, employee or executive of a registered First Nation Australian organization; or
  • An acknowledged and recognised Elder or Traditional Owner who is a member of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community.

As already mentioned, students MUST provide 2 x Cultural References AND a Statutory Declaration if choosing this alternative rather than obtaining a Confirmation of Identity.

Any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students who would like further information, guidance or support in obtaining a Confirmation of Identity are encouraged to contact the CQUni Indigenous Student Engagement Team on 07 4930 9250 or by email or Office of Indigenous Engagement on 07 4930 6409.

Once a scholarship application is received, it is reviewed by the Scholarships and Financial Assistance Team to ensure all required supporting documents are attached. Only complete applications are considered.

Documents relating to financial income and/or disability are strictly confidential and only used at this initial stage of the assessment process by the Scholarships and Financial Assistance Team to identify which scholarships the student is eligible for. These documents are not provided to selection panels.

While the written submission is the most important part of a scholarship application, CQUniversity selection panels also consider an applicant’s academic history, community involvement evidence and resume. The selection process for some high-value donor-funded scholarships may involve a review of shortlisted applications by an external donor selection panel and may also include an interview.

All scholarship applications are treated as confidential by all assessment staff and selection panel members.