CQUni Key Dates for High Schools

Keep track of important dates and upcoming events with our 2020 Key Dates Calendars designed specifically for high schools across Australia.

In our 2020 Key Dates Calendars you will find:

  • high school term dates
  • national dates such as public holidays
  • CQUni event dates such as the dates for our High School Campus Forums and Uni Experiences
  • the careers market and expo dates where you will find us throughout the year
  • application closing dates and information for our courses and our in-school study options, Start Uni Now and VET in Schools.

Our Key Dates Calendars are helpful resources to know where you and your students can connect with CQUni throughout 2020.

If you or your students have questions about any of the events detailed in our Key Dates Calendars, get in touch with our Student Recruitment team.

KEY DATES - Queensland Schools

KEY DATES - New South Wales Schools

KEY DATES - South Australian Schools

KEY DATES - Victorian Schools

KEY DATES - Western Australian Schools