High School to Uni

If you are in high school, or a teacher or parent of a high school student, you have come to the right place.

As a high school student, you can get a taste of one of our university or TAFE courses by exploring our Start Uni Now (SUN) or VET in Schools (VETiS) programs. These programs allow you to combine university or TAFE study while still in highschool. From this page, you can also view our course information to explore our degrees.

If you are a career advisor or teacher the best place to start on this page is our information for career advisors and teachers section. Here you will find a range of opportunities to connect with CQUni, access resources and find out about upcoming activities.

Information for Career Advisors and Teachers

As a Careers Advisor or Teacher, you are the first port of call for questions about future study options for your students. The answers are not always simple, so we have put all the information you may need in one easily accessible place.

On these pages you will also find resources to support your students, as well as request school visits or on-campus engagement activities.

Principal's Recommendation Scheme

Students in a classroom being helped by a teacher

At CQUniversity we believe senior schooling results are important, but we also believe that other factors such as motivation, talent, and passion can lead to student success at university. So, we have introduced a pilot program, the Principal’s Recommendation Scheme, that allows Year 12 students to apply to a CQUniversity course based on the recommendation of their high school Principal rather than an OP or ATAR.

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