Opportunities for Nursing Graduates

A range of options is available to you after completing your Bachelor of Nursing, depending on your interests and career goals.

Choose from a range of degrees designed to help you progress your role as a registered nurse into:

  • clinical nursing roles
  • nurse practitioner roles
  • specialist nursing fields.

Or you may decide your next career move is to enhance your skills and knowledge in a complementary health or nursing field.

Whatever your choice, furthering your nursing education will see you continue to touch the lives of so many in one of the world’s most trusted professions.

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If you're interested in further study and have questions or would like to talk through your options, book a one-on-one conversation and chat with one of our friendly staff members about your individual nursing journey.

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Diploma of Nursing Graduates

Ready for the next step in your career? Our Bachelor of Nursing prepares you for a role as a Registered Nurse. Plus, you will receive credit for your diploma studies.

Bachelor of Nursing

Rhianna Jackson

When I did my bachelors, all the way through to now, doing my masters, the teaching staff have been incredible. They're always super accommodating and always try to help us, they don’t work against us.

Rhiana Jackson
Bachelor of Nursing & Master of Mental Health Nursing

Interested in changing careers?

If a career change is on the horizon, our postgraduate degrees in business administration, teaching and accounting are ideal options to explore. Your prior nursing bachelor-level study provides you with a perfect foundation.

Our Master of Teaching degrees are ideal if you have a non-education degree and want to change careers into early childhood, primary or secondary teaching. The Master of Professional Accounting allows you to redirect your career into accounting, while an MBA is ideal if you are interested in exploring business executive, management and leadership careers.