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Everyone has a story. At CQUniversity we take the time to get to know our students so that we can help them on their journey to be who they want to be. With the right support and flexibility, access to facilities and services around the country, plus the motivation to achieve, university can be for everyone – no matter where you come from, or your background. Be inspired and discover the stories of those we’ve come to know.

What’s your story? We hope to be the uni that gets to know you too.

Get to know Laura

CQUni Knows Laura

“I want to become a secondary drama and English teacher. The Bachelor of Arts has a lot more freedom with it and I really like the units in the degree. Creative writing was one of the main majors that really caught my attention.”

“The lecturers are really great – they’re very supportive. The few lecturers that I’ve met are really great role models and great examples of people helping students achieve what they want to do and achieve in their life.”

Read more about Laura Stanfield, who’s studying a Bachelor of Arts on campus at CQUniversity Rockhampton.

Get to know Kris

CQUni Knows Kris

“I’ve always been interested in how things happen, why things happen and why they work. Accident Forensics is a really good avenue for that because you don’t just look at the accident in isolation, you look at the systems behind it; you look at everything that leads into it.”

“I chose CQUni because it’s the only uni that offers this degree. It’s the best decision I made because it’s inclusive and accessible: I can work full time and study full time.”

“It’s really exciting: I know that people are going home at the end of the day instead of going to hospital – it’s a life-changing experience to be able to do that.”

Read more about Kris Homann, graduate of CQUni’s Diploma of Work Health and Safety and current student in our Bachelor of Accident Forensics course.

Get to know Keturah

CQUni Knows Keturah

“I always knew I wanted to work with kids but it was actually because of my little sister that I was introduced to speech pathology. She had a condition called Childhood Apraxia of Speech. The things she achieved and the experience she went through was a big motivator for me.”

“The best thing about studying at CQUniversity is the lecturers. We know each other so well, you can go and see them at any time and they’ll drop everything to help you. The level of support is something you wouldn’t be able to get in some of the larger universities.”

Read more about Keturah who is studying Bachelor of Speech Pathology at CQUniversity.

Get to know Michael

CQUni Knows Michael

“I always wanted to get into an area related to health, biology or chemistry, so when I heard that a paramedic science program had opened up at CQUni I dove straight into it.”

“A couple of the lecturers were active critical care paramedics with decades of experience – it gives you experience that you couldn’t possibly learn from a lecturer that hadn’t had that same experience in the field. Although it’s a very young course, the wealth of knowledge to draw from has given it such a good reputation already.”

Read more about Michael who studied a Bachelor of Paramedic Science and a Graduate Diploma of Paramedic Science (Critical Care) at CQUniversity.

Get to know Michelle

CQUni Knows Michelle

“My name is Michelle Hewett and I’m studying a Bachelor of Accounting majoring in Property. I’d seen the CQUni ad on TV, and when I looked at CQUni I realised I could do it all by distance.”

“I did STEPS before I started my degree and found that it really helped. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It really prepared me for my degree. I’m leaning towards being an accountant and I’m aiming high. In five years’ time, I would like to get a graduate position with one of the big four accounting firms. I just keep telling myself that’s what’s going to happen.”

Read more about Michelle Hewett, who is completing a Bachelor of Accounting (Property) online at CQUniversity.

Get to know Ryan

CQUni Knows Ryan

“My lightbulb moment about studying psychology occurred six years ago because a lot of my friends were going through mental issues at the time. It made me realise that there is a push and demand for it, especially within rural areas.”

“I chose to study at CQUni because of the atmosphere that it provides. You could see the lecturers walking around and it just felt much more welcoming.”

“My motivation for studying psychology is definitely to help people; I would like to work within schools as a guidance counsellor.”

Read more about Ryan who is studying A Bachelor of Psychological Science at CQUniversity.

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