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Everyone has a story. At CQUniversity we take the time to get to know our students so that we can help them on their journey to be who they want to be. With the right support and flexibility, access to facilities and services around the country, plus the motivation to achieve, university can be for everyone – no matter where you come from, or your background. Be inspired and discover the stories of those we’ve come to know.

What’s your story? We hope to be the uni that gets to know you too.

Get to know Archie

CQUni Knows Archie

“My name is Archie Lightbody-Gee and I’m on the four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) course.”

“Ever since I was a little kid, I was always interested in how things work on a practical level. I had heard about CQUni’s reputation for engineering, so I came to an Open Day. As a mature-age student, distance education is flexible enough that I can work it, even with my work schedule. The fact that it’s right here in town means that I can also come out every night after work and use the facilities.”

“I feel like I’m getting a really good foundation. Despite maths not being my favourite thing, I got good grades and feel much more confident.”

Read more about Archie Lightbody-Gee, who is completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at CQUniversity via distance education.

Get to know Erin

CQUni Knows Erin

“My name is Erin and I’ve completed a Bachelor of Information Technology at CQUniversity Rockhampton.”

“I decided to study Information Technology because you can study a wide range of areas, which gives you a chance to discover what you’re good at and like the most. I was a bit nervous because I’d been out of high school for a while, but the group I was in was great, the classes were small and we all helped each other out. We had plenty of access to lecturers.”

“I ended up finding a job that was a really good balance between design and technology. They definitely complement each other.”

Read more about Erin, who completed a Bachelor of Information Technology at CQUniversity.

Get to know Gillian

CQUni Knows Gillian

“My name is Gillian Howard and I am working towards a Bachelor of Paramedic Science.”

“I’m currently practising as a lawyer; it’s [paramedic science] a major switch but something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I think I was inspired by that passion I had through surf lifesaving – to help make a difference in people’s lives.”

“One of the good things about CQUniversity is the ability to study online. It’s a really practical course. The quality of lecturers is really important because what your lecturers are able to provide dictates how you perform on-road.”

“In five years, I hopefully see myself working for the Queensland Ambulance Service as a paramedic and progressing through their ranks.”

Read more about Gillian Howard, who’s studying a Bachelor of Paramedic Science at CQUniversity via distance education.

Get to know Amy

CQUni Knows Amy

“When I found out about this new degree, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t something like this sooner because it’s just the perfect area for it, being rural. It makes perfect sense.”

“My parents are beef producers… it’s what I’ve grown up doing. I’ve always known I’d like to have that lifestyle for me and my family further on in life, and I know it’s just something I’m really passionate about.”

“Whether I’m working for someone else or myself, I think this degree will allow me to excel at both. They’ve equipped us with the tools so we can then go on and continue to educate ourselves.”

Read more about Amy Atkinson who is working towards a Bachelor of Agriculture at CQUniversity Rockhampton.

Get to know Mattison

CQUni Knows Mattison

I chose engineering purely out of a love for math and science, and solving problems. I always enjoyed pulling things apart and seeing how things work.”

“I chose to study at CQUni due to the links to the industry and its standing in the engineering field. Electrical engineering, in particular, has world-class, research-based lecturers that have gained their foundation in research on the world stage, producing papers that are making real headway.”

“CQUni has definitely helped me see my engineering dreams. I left, ready to apply what I’ve learned in the actual engineering field.”

Read more about Mattison Rose, who completed a Bachelor of Engineering at CQUniversity.

Get to know Daniel

CQUni knows Danny

“After finishing my social work degree, I realised that I could do more to help people and that led me to study law. I had such a positive experience with my first degree that when it came time to decide where to continue my studies, I wanted that same connection. CQUniversity delivered above my expectations.”

“The real benefit of studying online is that you can study anywhere, anytime. It was important to study law online because I was already working as a full-time social worker.”

“My favourite thing about studying with CQUniversity is the supportive lecturers. They continued to nurture me after I graduated.”

Read more about Danny, graduate of CQUni’s Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) and Bachelor of Laws.

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