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Everyone has a story. At CQUniversity we take the time to get to know our students so that we can help them on their journey to be who they want to be. With the right support and flexibility, access to facilities and services around the country, plus the motivation to achieve, university can be for everyone – no matter where you come from, or your background. Be inspired and discover the stories of those we’ve come to know.

What’s your story? We hope to be the uni that gets to know you too.

Get to know Fiona

CQUni knows Fiona

“I started my Bachelor of Business not because I just wanted ‘a degree’. I started it because I knew I had to do more for my children. I had to support them better, but at the same time I had to show them that you can be strong, you can achieve, you can do whatever you want to do – and be whatever you want to be – if you put your mind to it and set your goals.”

“I can honestly say that my Bachelor of Business from CQUni was the best thing I ever did.”

Read more about Fiona, a Bachelor of Business graduate from CQUniversity who studied her degree online.

Get to know Liam

CQUni knows Liam

“Sports science appealed to me because it’s more analytical and research-based and it’s a firm grounding in science. It was a way to combine my love of sports with a research and knowledge base.”

“From where I’ve come from, and where I am now, over this period of years I think I’ve developed into a completely different person. A lot of that is due to that mentorship I’ve received from CQUni staff, whether it be lecturers, other students, PhD candidates, I think they’ve helped me learn in a way that’s enabled me to grow into this person that I enjoy being each and every day.”

“I would rate CQUni as my most beneficial experience so far out of all my study because of the community feel and the lecturers who care about what you’re doing.”

Read more about Liam, a CQUni Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science graduate, currently undertaking the Bachelor of Science (Honours) with us.

Get to know Michelle

CQUni Knows Michelle

“My name is Michelle Hewett and I’m studying a Bachelor of Accounting majoring in Property. I’d seen the CQUni ad on TV, and when I looked at CQUni I realised I could do it all by distance.”

“I did STEPS before I started my degree and found that it really helped. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It really prepared me for my degree. I’m leaning towards being an accountant and I’m aiming high. In five years’ time, I would like to get a graduate position with one of the big four accounting firms. I just keep telling myself that’s what’s going to happen.”

Read more about Michelle Hewett, who is completing a Bachelor of Accounting (Property) online at CQUniversity.

Get to know Jake

CQUni knows Jake

“In year 12 I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I fell ill and had to be treated by paramedics. The amazing care I received helped me decide what I wanted to do – I wanted to be a paramedic.”

“The lecturers have also been amazing through my degree. They’ve all been paramedics. Being able to hear their stories and knowing that they’ve actually been where we want to be makes it much more inspirational hearing from them.”

Read more about Jake, currently studying CQUni’s Bachelor of Paramedic Science online part time.

Get to know Sherry Savage

CQUni knows Sherry

“I’m a Rockhampton girl from the Bindal tribe and family plays a huge role in my life. For me it was important to stay close to them, even while I was I was studying. Going to CQUniversity meant I could stay at home with all my family support.”

“My grandmother suffered a stroke but lived in a remote area, which unfortunately meant a physio only visited the hospital she was in every two weeks. So I stepped through the physio process with her. That was it for me. I went back to CQUniversity and completed my Bachelor of Physiotherapy.”

Read more about Sherry, graduate of our Bachelor of Human Movements and Bachelor of Physiotherapy courses.

Get to know Rebecca

CQUni knows Rebecca

“I poured over every degree that could possibly relate to communication. CQUniversity was the only university that offered me what I needed – to develop professional, technical writing skills that could be applied across broad markets, not only mass media; I was sold.”

“Without everyone at CQUniversity I wouldn’t have found this passion. I needed to be shown. I needed somebody to tell me I could do this. And they did.”

Read more about Rebecca, currently completing CQUni’s Bachelor of Professional Communication.

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