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Frequently Asked Questions About The MBA (Leadership)


Got questions? Chances are they could be similar to some we’ve been asked before.

Check out some answers previously provided. Faster than typing your question again in an email.

Is it a real qualification?

It certainly is! Here is a bit about us that helps explain why it has to be.

CQUniversity was founded in 1967 in Rockhampton as Queensland Institute of Technology. In 1974 (yes, before Web 1.0) we pioneered online study. It was important for who we wanted to be - an industry focused university that helped build regional communities.

In 1992 we achieved full university status and soon after changed our name to Central Queensland University. It means we are incorporated by an act of parliament. Today we operate commercially under the brand name CQUniversity Australia. You can discover more about us on our website.

So when we create a course it has to meet the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), which is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australia. Further to this, the University sector is audited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) who review courses offered against AQF guidelines.

You can read more about the AQF online – for reference, the MBA (Leadership) is a level 9 qualification.

So when we say CQUni knows about studying remotely – you know it’s true.

Is it externally accredited?

This can be answered two ways.  Do you mean internationally or with other universities?

Internationally – The most well-known accrediting body internationally is the UK’s Association of MBAs (AMBA), which provides certification against the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME.) To apply for this accreditation an MBA needs graduates. MBA (Leadership) launched July 2018. Guess what – it doesn’t have graduates yet!

We do have another MBA we prepared earlier. It has graduates, on campus studies (and online) and accreditation via PRME. Also a very good option – read more about our original MBA here.

Other Unis – Each university determines the content they will include in a unit they offer. This means that if another university offers a unit at the same level with comparable content, you may qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) because of these common standards applied across different levels of study. All universities in Australia are accredited by TEQSA, so all CQUni’s courses are considered accredited.

But please remember there is no RPL into MBA (Leadership) – see Why is it so cheap?

Why is it so cheap? How can you offer an MBA at less than half the normal price?

By electing to provide a course suited only to independent learners we cut out some heavy overheads.

First, if we let students study where and when they like we are free of timetabling for lecturers, rooms and equipment. The administrative burden of this should not be underestimated.

Secondly, we know that some students require less support. This course is for them. Students should share in the savings of self-serve!

Lastly, by only offering the 11 units we know are most critical for making you a more effective leader, removing choice of electives, and not including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as an option, our admin costs are minimised.

If RPL is very important or you want to study electives not included the MBA (Leadership) package then please get in touch with the support staff available for our other MBA.

Why does it ask me to create a student account when I click Get Started?

By giving you access to a sample of the course in our orientation you can see exactly what online learning is like. No surprises post purchase.

So in effect, you are like a guest student trying before you buy.

There are no costs incurred in this process.

How much group work and networking is there?


If group work or residential schools are really important to you then this is not the course for you. No hard feelings.

There is a LinkedIn group of students who share interesting articles, but your participation is entirely optional. We believe that emerging leaders create their own networks of associates using relational skills and relevant online platforms.

What are the key differences between MBA (Leadership) and other MBAs?

Whilst the content is similar, the delivery processes and options are very different.

  1. Students don’t attend campus or work to a university timetable. You have five years to finish everything. You progress at your own pace. Studying units at the time and order that suits you (except the capstone – which is the big summary unit at the end.)
  2. Enrolment is not restricted to a specific time. Start anytime. E.g. Today.
  3. There are no due dates for assessments. You have to be self-motivated to make this happen.
  4. Many people choose our on-campus courses for smaller class sizes and teaching staff who make the time to get to know students. Which is awesome. But this course is completely different. Independent learners commit to complete all units online, with only 10 hours of contact time over 5 years.
Is the full cost really only $7,002?

If you pay upfront for all units – yes it is only $7,002.  No GST needed.

We appreciate that some students for a variety of reason may only want to enrol for one unit at a time.  Individual units cost $1,002 per unit (and $2,004 for the final Capstone unit which is the equivalent of two units of study).

Mind you … we would recommend the graduation experience. It is an extra $160 and includes the gown and two guest tickets. But it is optional. You can have your certificate mailed free of charge.

Is this MBA (Leadership) available for International Students?

No. Sorry.

As we mentioned in ‘Is it a real qualification?’, education is highly regulated in Australia. Here is not the place to go into all the details about why we can’t offer MBA (Leadership) to everyone.

Our recommendation is to get in touch with our colleagues running the existing MBA, which is available for International students.

How am I assessed?

Assessment ranges from evaluative self-practice, online tests, case study reviews, reports, and business simulations.

You will have access to extension activities and will be supported via a CQUniversity MBA (Leadership) LinkedIn group, where our aim is to 'connect without pressure'.

To find out more about assessment, register to access our orientation unit, ‘About the MBA (Leadership)’.

How much time will I need to do this course?

The course has been designed to be completed in 1730 hours of study.

It equates to about six hours a week, if you are going to allow yourself the whole five years, but not take any holidays.

You know how you work best. You know when your work is manic, you know if you can study on holiday or not and you know when you can run the gauntlet between your activities and family commitments.

The good thing is that the content is broken down into bite-sized pieces, which typically require 20 - 40 minutes to finish. So it isn’t always about having big blocks of time available.


Learn more when you explore our MBA (Leadership) Orientation and take the Suitability Quiz. You'll need to register your details before you start so that we can give you access to the BeDifferent platform and stay in touch to keep you informed about the course. We'll only use your details in accordance with our privacy policy and you can opt out anytime.

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