An Introduction to Clinical Facilitation in Aged Care - PDC61657

If you are a clinical facilitator/teacher/supervisor and you would like to advance your skills and knowledge in clinical education this online micro-credential is for you! Learn more about the key psychosocial concepts of person-centred care and being solutions-focused. Explore innovations, best practice and novel strategies to inspire students to work to their potential with patients and residents of aged care during their clinical placement. As a micro-credential, this course gives you a certificate of completion and a digital badge to display in your profile or share on social media.




4 hours

This online micro-credential is aimed at clinical facilitators/teachers/supervisors who wish to advance their knowledge and skills in clinical education. The micro-credential focuses on clinical facilitation in aged care and explores the key psychosocial concepts of person-centred care and being solutions-focused. Learners are able to assess their own capabilities as a clinical facilitator before and after the micro-credential. On the topic of clinical facilitation, learners explore innovations, best practice, relevant pedagogies and novel strategies to inspire students to work with patients and residents of aged care. A case study of a recent approach that was taken to develop students’ communication and listening skills is provided.

This is a non-creditable micro-credential which is awarded a digital badge and Certificate of Completion which can be shared to your social networks and displayed in your professional portfolio.

Standard Micro-credential Structure


4 hours

  1. Explain the knowledge, skills and attributes that a student of nursing needs to develop to be competent and safe in a placement setting 
  2. Understand facilitation strategies that empower students to work to their potential during clinical placement 
  3. Examine different pedagogies that would suit the context of any setting where students undertake clinical learning, including role modelling, reflection, cognitive rehearsal and narrative pedagogy.


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There are no specific entry requirements, however, students enrolling in this course should work in the healthcare profession.

Undertaking this micro-credential enables students to meet their Continuing Professional Development obligations and industry update requirements in their profession. Upon successful completion of the micro-credential, students will be awarded Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, a non-creditable micro-credential (Digital Badge) and a Certificate of Completion.

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