Alcohol and Other Drugs: Drug Policy – A History and Where We are Today - PDC58948




24 hours

Psychoactive drugs have been an enduring part of our cultural fabric since prehistory. In the last century, however, governments around the world have attempted to impose restrictions upon which drugs can be used, who can use them, and how and where they can be used. This online Short Course will explore the development of prohibition-based drug policies and the unintended consequences and impacts they have had on society and some of the widespread myths that continue to promote prohibition-based drug policies, as well as the potential options for policy reform.

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Standard Course Structure

Study Mode: Online

24 hours

  1. Explain the socio-political motivations that have been instrumental in the history and development of drug policy both nationally and internationally
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of current drug policy approaches and describe some of the costs of the 'war on drugs'
  3. Explain how public misperceptions can influence drug policy
  4. Describe the options for drug policy reform.


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There are no specific entry requirements, however, students enrolling in this course should work or study in the health, nursing, medical, general health, community work or corrective services professions.

This course provides Professional Development for health, nursing, medical, general health, community work and corrective services professionals.

Undertaking this course enables students to meet their Continuing Professional Development obligations and industry update requirements in their profession. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded 24 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and a CQUniversity Certificate of Completion.

Successful completion of all Alcohol and Other Drugs Short Courses (10) PLUS the Alcohol and Other Drugs: Assessment Module, will enable students to apply for credit transfer to the Post Graduate unit, NURS20178: ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGS.

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