PDC120046 - Workshop on Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

Duration3 hour face-to-face workshop
Study modeMixed Mode
Course codePDC120046


Upskilling your workforce?  Want to increase your understanding of diversity?

Having a workforce that is up to date on diversity makes your organisation stronger, increases its reputation, creates a safe and inclusive workplace, more satisfied employees, and makes it better placed to deal with clients in any situation.

Research shows that people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer, or other diversity of sexual orientation and/or gender (LGBTIQ+) experience disproportionate levels of discrimination, harassment and exclusion simply based on who they are.  This environment in a workplace in particular, leads to lower employment rates, lower job satisfaction, significantly worse mental health, and poorer quality of life.  

This half-day, face-to-face workshop is designed for businesses, services, educational institutions and community organisations. It will offer training around LGBTIQ+ diversity:  

  • Knowledge of the terminology, inclusive language and the range and types of diversity. 
  • Understanding of the issues people from these communities face and the impacts this can have on their lives, work satisfaction, mental health and life.
  • Actions, words, and behaviours the organisation, management, and individuals can take to build a positive work culture, increase inclusion for employees and clients, and potentially boost reputation and outcomes.


  • Rockhampton, Gracemere, Yeppoon, Emu Park and nearby areas in Queensland, Australia.
  • At the location of the organisation is preferred, however, arrangements can be made to hold it at CQUniversity Rockhampton North campus in Queensland, Australia.
  • A boardroom, training room, or classroom style room with the ability to present to the audience is required.


  • 3 hours face-to-face training.
  • Customisation based on the activities/focus of the organisation.
  • Printed resources around the topics discussed.


  • Minimum 5, maximum 20 participants per session (multiple sessions can be arranged).
  • Due to the mature content, it is recommended that participants are 18+, however, consideration of a younger workforce can be discussed.


Career Opportunities

Undertaking this micro-credential enables students to meet their Continuing Professional Development obligations. Upon successful completion of the micro-credential, students will be awarded three Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, a non-creditable micro-credential (Digital Badge) and a Certificate of Completion.

Structure & Availability

Micro-credential (Workshop)


3 hour face-to-face workshop

  1. Distinguish between the concepts of sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics
  2. Explain the meanings of general terminology around sexual orientation and gender
  3. Recall the impacts of discrimination and the positive impacts of inclusion for people in these communities
  4. Demonstrate the ability to use words and actions to actively counter discriminatory language and/or behaviour within a workplace in a respectful and inclusive manner.


Competency of the learning outcomes will be assessed by the trainer during the workshop based on participation in discussions and activities.


There are no specific entry requirements of prior learning.

Our micro-credentials are available for anyone to access. You do not have to be a CQUniversity student. This workshop is specifically aimed at organisational groups.

** Recommend completing this micro-credential prior to enrolment:

PDC93089: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

How to apply

Organisations and groups interested in undertaking this micro-credential please email: cpd-enquiries@cqu.edu.au