Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation

Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation (TTPSS) was developed to overcome the challenges associated with providing meaningful and engaging patient safety simulations to large groups of learners. In TTPSS each participant and observer has a specific, active and integral role in the simulation and purpose-built facilities and expensive equipment are not required. This approach enables flexibility in terms of location and group size, while at the same time creating an immersive experience for all learners. Although TTPSS has been designed for undergraduate nursing students, the approach can be easily transferred to other health disciplines.

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Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation is informed by the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards and includes a set of simulations that address key areas known to contribute to adverse patient outcomes. TTPSS focuses on the development of technical and non-technical skills that graduates require to be work-ready upon graduation, for example; the ability to work effectively as a member of an inter-professional team, communication skills, resilience and clinical reasoning skills. An additional aspect of TTPSS, is helping graduates to be prepared to deal with difficult and sometimes confronting situations that may impact on patient safety.

Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation is a creative approach that is:

  • designed to foster engagement and promote active inclusion of all learners involved
  • immersive with learners (Cast and Audience members) taking shared responsibility for the actions and outcomes of the simulation;
  • informed by the tenets of forum theatre, a process that allows members of the Audience to pause and discuss the performance and suggest different actions for the Actors to take; and
  • flexible and without the need for specialised simulation equipment or purpose-built facilities

Patient Safety Competency Framework (PDF | 0.2 MB)

Professor Kerry Reid-Searl talking about the Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation Transcript

Facilitator Guide

Simulation One -  Medication Safety

Simulation Two – Acute Deterioration in Cognition

Simulation Three – Impaired Respiratory Function

Simulation Four – Cultural Assessment