Who is the University Coordinator?

The name “University Coordinator” is used throughout the Queensland Professional Experience Reporting Framework to refer to the university or higher education institution’s representative in professional experience partnerships with schools or other learning sites where pre-service teachers complete placements. At CQUniversity, we have adopted this term for consistency and clarity around the roles of the different people involved in professional experience.

It is important to understand that the role is distinct from the Unit Coordinator’s role in a Professional Practice or Professional Praxis unit in any of our initial teacher education courses. The University Coordinator for a placement may be based on any of CQUniversity’s regional campuses (including online) and there will be many University Coordinators for each placement to ensure all pre-service teachers and supervising teachers are supported effectively.

The Role of the University Coordinator

University Coordinators perform a vital role in establishing high quality school-university partnerships that share responsibility for the professional learning and development of pre-service teachers. These partnerships support the process of “learning teaching” so that graduates are classroom ready and well-equipped with the knowledge, attitudes and practical skills they need to have a positive impact on student learning outcomes in diverse settings.  

To Do List for University Coordinators

The University Coordinator’s main responsibilities are to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of the expectations and assessment requirements for specific professional experience placements
  • collaborate with supervising teachers to build a shared understanding of the expectations and the assessment criteria for a placement at a standard appropriate for a pre-service teacher’s stage of development (e.g. first year pre-service teacher, second year pre-service teacher, etc)
  • monitor pre-service teachers’ progress through contact with supervising teachers and by viewing evidence samples in the working portfolio
  • moderate assessment judgements and provide feedback on a pre-service teacher’s achievement using the Guide to making Judgements for a professional experience placement
  • provide targeted support for pre-service teachers and supervising teachers in the event that a pre-service teacher is identified as being “at risk”.
The role of the University Coordinator Transcript

In this short video, the role that the University Coordinator plays in building partnerships with supervising teachers and supporting pre-service teachers during professional experience is described in more detail.