A Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Professor Nick Klomp

It has been a privilege to work alongside our staff, our students and our many stakeholders to develop a strategic plan for CQUniversity that is truly reflective of who we are and where we are going.

This is a strategic plan that is fit-for-purpose for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for CQUniversity. I say this with confidence, knowing that our previous strategic plan weathered us through the most unexpected, prolonged and consequential disruption in CQUniversity’s history – the global COVID pandemic. This extraordinary event affected every student, staff member, campus, and aspect of our business in ways and severities that were simply unimaginable when the last strategic plan was developed in 2019. But rather than rendering that plan obsolete, COVID revealed that our strategic intent – our purpose, vision, values and pillars – was more important than ever.

Our previous strategic plan allowed us to pivot when we needed to and trained our focus upon who we were, and what we needed to be, as we navigated our way through the crisis. That’s what a good strategic plan does, and that is precisely what our next strategic plan seeks to further enhance. The CQUniversity 2024-2028 Strategic Plan anchors our purpose, sharpens our vision, fortifies our values, and provides us with the agility we need in good times, and the stability we need in challenging times.

I am proud to be the Vice-Chancellor of a university that has such a powerful identity and purpose, not just as a world-class training, teaching and research institution, but as an agent of profound change within the communities we serve. It takes a highly specialised set of values, and a distinctly articulated strategic intent, to achieve the levels of inclusivity, accessibility and impact required by our diverse student cohorts and communities. Each of us should take confidence in the fact that this strategic plan provides CQUniversity with the clarity of vision and purpose to meet the distinct needs of our students and communities.

I thank everybody who took the time and attention to shape this new strategic plan. The sheer number of people that care so deeply about CQUniversity’s future is an amazing reflection of the importance that this university has in the lives of so many. Each of us has a role to play in the realisation of this strategic plan over coming years, and I look forward to sharing this important journey with you and the entire CQUniversity community.

CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nick Klomp.