Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Strategic Plan 2019-2023 - Our Future is you


At CQUniversity our future is you.

That's why our new strategic plan has been informed by the vision of stakeholders and partners from across the globe.

CQUniversity will focus efforts and resources across six core strategic pillars; our students, our research, our people, our communities, our reputation, and our sustainability.

Our students will be known for making a valuable contribution to the world around them and their success will be the ultimate benchmark of ours.

The impact of our research will support and drive positive change for our partnerships and communities.

The knowledge gained will be embedded into our practices. Our people are central to delivering our vision and represent CQUniversity through their integrity, values, and using their talents and passion for continual improvement.

CQUniversity's full potential will only be met when our communities and industries have reach theirs.

Our power of place empowers us to strive for this through proactive and meaningful engagement.

Through this meaningful engagement, sharing our unique vision and effecting transformational change in Australia and abroad, our reputation will have global standing and inspire pride.

Underpinned by the UN sustainable development goals, we'll create a progressive organization that is socially, culturally, environmentally, and financially sustainable.

The pillars, goals and measures of success that define our new strategic plan will establish CQUniversity as Australia's most accessible, supportive and engaged University. Recognized globally for our world-class innovative teaching and research excellence.

Let's work together to drive impact, innovation and transformation for a bright future, because the future of CQUniversity is you.



Strategic Plan 2019 - 2023 

Our future is you

We have become a beacon for removing participation barriers to world-class training, education and research, particularly amongst underrepresented groups and underserviced communities.

Today the communities we serve are being transformed as a result of the bold measures put in place over the past decade. Our University has emerged as one of the most exciting young universities in the world and while our journey so far has been rewarding, we are far from reaching our destination.

We are now at a point where we must build on our past achievements by designing and implementing a strong strategy that will deliver meaningful impact to our students, staff, alumni, communities and partners.

Our commitment to this is embodied in our University's 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, Our Future Is You. If you have any feedback or questions relating to the plan, please contact us at

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Our culture of sustainability

We will continue our commitment to be Australia’s most engaged university, supporting the development of global sustainability through our partnerships with the communities we serve. We will embody a purposeful commitment to the sustainability of our communities socially, environmentally and economically by producing new knowledge and global leaders who deliver innovative, solutions-focused outcomes and drive change to address real-world challenges. Our culture of sustainability will be underpinned by our commitment to the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which will inform our sustainable global impact agenda for the creation of a better tomorrow.

Our strategic pillars

We’re for students. The success of our students is the ultimate benchmark of our success and impact as a university.

Our students and graduates will be known for their understanding of the issues impacting their communities and industry, their personal and professional growth and their commitment to making a valuable contribution to the world around them.

To achieve this
  • We will continually innovate our learning and teaching practices to optimise and personalise the student experience, and meet constantly evolving workforce needs.
  • We will deliver sector-leading graduate outcomes and maintain career-spanning partnerships with our alumni through meaningful engagement, support and the provision of lifelong learning opportunities.
  • We will consistently deliver resilient, engaged, work-ready graduates who are not only job holders, but job creators. Our alumni will become the custodians of our values, influencing their peers and industries as leaders and social innovators.
  • We will dismantle current and future barriers to educational access and participation and inspire learning aspirations among diverse groups of students. We will support access and participation through the provision of sector-leading outreach, enabling pathway and support programs.
  • We will increase our student enrolments as appropriate to the demand and need of our communities.
  • We will be known as a university that works directly with community and industry to design and deliver training and education that strengthens and builds capacity.
  • We will strengthen our commitment to providing a safe, supportive, inclusive and engaged learning environment for our students.
  • We will be recognised as a leader in the provision of student support and the facilitation of student wellbeing.
  • We will export our innovations, our values, and our impact around the globe through the delivery of high-quality international education.
  • We will not compromise the quality of our graduates and we will never allow convention to dictate our future.
  • Most importantly, we will not apologise for remaining more focussed on the calibre of the graduates we produce, than the backgrounds of the students we enrol.
  • Develop an innovative, student-centred curriculum that delivers seamless education from school to doctoral studies, characterised by the embedding of authentic work-based learning and addressing the evolving future of work.
  • Deliver holistic student support that addresses the unique needs and overall wellbeing of our students.
  • Pioneer a unique, personalised learning journey for all of our students.
  • Provide courses that are informed by our research and collaboration with industry and government to meet the emerging workforce needs of our communities.
  • Invest in and enhance our commitment to access, equity, inclusion and retention.
  • Implement a refreshed approach to student-centred learning, teaching and support, based on real-time student feedback and reflective practice.
  • Create career ready, lifelong learners who have a social innovation mindset and a genuine commitment to cultural awareness.
Measures of success
  • Delivering a new student-centred curriculum.
  • Improving student completion rates.
  • Improving student retention rates.
  • Increasing student satisfaction ratings.
  • Maintaining and increasing access and participation rates.
  • Increasing short course and professional development offerings.
  • Increasing student numbers.
  • Increasing student participation in international mobility programs.
  • Embedding social innovation into the curriculum.

Research creates knowledge that has the potential to drive community growth and improve the quality of life.

The success of CQUniversity-led research will be defined by our mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders and end-users, resulting in high-quality and innovative solutions to complex challenges. Our research will have the impact to support and drive positive change in the communities we serve.

Our researchers will create knowledge for the benefit of our communities, and it will be embedded in the education and training of our students.

To achieve this
  • We will create knowledge that delivers solutions to real world challenges. Our focus will be on applied research that delivers positive impact for our communities.
  • We will conduct research that engages with other research institutions, industry, government and community partners, with outcomes that deliver positive change.
  • We will enrich the student experience, graduate outcomes and social impact by using our research to inform and influence our learning, teaching and training practices.
  • We will invest in world-class talent through our recruitment strategy, by developing the skills of emerging researchers and by providing high-quality training for Research Higher Degree students.
  • We will support our researchers by using our global reach to share their stories of research achievement and impact, lifting our profile as engaged research practitioners.
  • We will have an entrepreneurial approach to new knowledge and capitalise on opportunities to advance our Intellectual Property.
  • We will grow and shape our research portfolio to enable opportunities for our students, staff and external partners to realise their needs and aspirations.
  • We will not lose sight of our research mission to serve our communities.
  • We will not compromise on the quality, integrity and impact of our research accomplishments.
  • Invest strategically in the development of research infrastructure, projects, staff and student skills to increase our research focus, excellence and impact.
  • Increase our research productivity, quality and relevance through collaborative initiatives with government, community and industry.
  • Expand our world-class career training and development programs for Research Higher Degree students and researchers.
  • Grow our domestic and international Research Higher Degree student cohort.
  • Increase global research collaboration and reputation.
  • Adopt our research outcomes and skills to inform learning and teaching, and professional practice.
  • Embed an entrepreneurial culture to translate research outcomes into commercial ventures for the benefit of our communities and future research.
Measures of success
  • Improving our standing in the Times Higher Education World Rankings.
  • Increasing our Research Higher Degree student numbers.
  • Increasing our external research income.
  • Receiving acknowledgement in an increased number of Fields of Research recognised as 'at, above and well above' world standard in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings.
  • Increasing the number of international research partnerships.
  • Increasing the annual delivery of researcher training programs.
  • Increasing the number of research institutes and centres.
  • Increasing the commercialisation of our research.

Our people are central to the delivery of our vision and purpose. They represent the University by exhibiting integrity and living by our values.

They use their knowledge, skills and talents to continually improve our relationships with our students, alumni, partners and communities.

We recognise that our impact as a university reflects the efforts, talent and passion of our staff.

To achieve this
  • We will empower our staff to be innovative, technology-confident leaders whose skills are sought after across the world. This will be accomplished by an increase in resources, staff training and support mechanisms at CQUniversity.
  • We will inspire a culture of continual self-improvement, so that all staff can meet their full potential and establish themselves as leaders in their vocation.
  • We will support staff by developing evidence-based, data-driven support systems that reward endeavour and initiative, whilst not accepting mediocrity.
  • We will build the most supportive, people-friendly culture in the sector by considering the needs of others and practicing kindness, empathy and respect.
  • We will promote an ethos of informed, bold innovation through a safe-to-fail culture.
  • We will accept only the best staff into our University community and will not compromise on staff appointments.
  • We will work towards having an appropriate position and leadership spread across all campuses.
  • We will support staff to reach their full potential and be the best at what they do, insisting that all staff pursue self-improvement or career advancement.
  • We will not accept behaviour that risks the safety and wellbeing of staff, students or other members of the University community. Everyone has the right to a rewarding, safe and harmonious place in which to work and learn.
  • We will not accept attitudes that do not align with our values or culture. All staff are empowered to defend and uphold our values to preserve and strengthen the University’s reputation and ensure we are operating with integrity.
  • Develop user-friendly, real-time feedback systems that empower staff to continually improve.
  • Attract and retain the best people by a non-compromise approach to our values-driven culture.
  • Ensure our workforce embodies the richness of culture and diversity in our communities.
  • Encourage and enable staff to be engaged broadly and contribute beyond their immediate responsibilities.
  • Recognise and celebrate achievements of our staff.
  • Build the capacity of our teaching workforce, enabling them to remain at the cutting edge of educational delivery through our commitment to scholarship-informed learning and teaching.
  • Readily recruit our students and graduates into appropriate employment opportunities across the University.
Measures of success
  • Increasing our overall staff satisfaction rating.
  • Increasing our external staff recognition submissions.
  • Increasing Indigenous employment opportunities.
  • Increasing the number of staff who hold, or are studying, a VET or tertiary qualification.
  • Maintaining an appropriate level of staff participation in professional development opportunities.

Our power of place delivers a unique advantage. Proactive and meaningful engagement with communities, both in Australia and overseas, will always inform our actions and offerings.

We will only meet its full potential when our communities and industries have reached theirs; we will support them to do so.

Our connection with community will be defined by our ability to engage meaningfully with diverse groups and respond with purpose to their current and future needs.

To achieve this
  • We will continue to recognise the traditional custodians of the lands on which our campuses are located across Australia and show respect to all Indigenous people. We believe our greatest contribution to First Nations People will be the provision of access to world-class education, research and employment opportunities.
  • We will be proactive in our engagement with our many community and industry partners. We will work hard to build and maintain robust, sustainable partnerships so that we can meet and exceed their research, training and education aspirations.
  • We will be responsive to changing workforce needs in the design and delivery of programs and we will lead research critical to the sustainability and prosperity of local industries and economies.
  • We will recognise the role government plays in our success, and we will influence and respond to changing government priorities in training, education and research at the pace they expect.
  • We will leverage our connection with government by delivering activities and programs that are relevant to the needs of community and industry.
  • We will enrich our communities – at home and abroad – through the diversity of our social innovation activities and the generosity of our Giving Back culture.
  • We will work with communities and stakeholders to identify and address their unique social issues and wicked problems.
  • We will honour the social license granted to us by our communities through the delivery of high-quality training, education and research that is accessible to all. We will not embark on activities that do not attract the support of our communities.
  • We will not embark on activities that do not attract the support of our communities.
  • Collaborate with Australia’s First Nations People to strengthen our relationships with the custodians of the lands hosting the communities we serve.
  • Establish new international relationships to facilitate mutually beneficial education ventures.
  • Optimise and expand our presence and impact through partnerships with our communities.
  • Embed the philosophy of social innovation within all aspects of our operations to support the communities we serve.
Measures of success
  • Increasing our engagement with Indigenous communities in partnership with community Elders.
  • Being recognised by Reconciliation Australia for the CQUniversity Reconciliation Action Plan.
  • Expanding our presence by partnering with and supporting new study hubs in under-serviced Australian communities.
  • Increasing staff engagement in external community initiatives.
  • Increasing social and Indigenous procurement activities of CQUniversity.
  • Establishing new, significant corporate partnerships.

Our reputation is a measure of our quality and ability to differentiate our University. We exhibit this by sharing our unique vision and effecting transformational change in Australia and abroad.

Our reputation is inherently linked with our ability to engage with students, alumni and other partners to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our growing reputation will continue to inspire pride in their association with our University.

To achieve this
  • We will be recognised for the respect and reverence we pay to the world’s longest continuing culture, Australia’s First Nations People, and the role we play in supporting their traditions and culture, and the custodianship of the lands on which we operate.
  • We will enhance our reputation across Australia and the world through the quality of our graduates, our research, our engagement, our adherence to our values, and our impact as a transformer of lives and communities.
  • We will invest in the tools, resources and people required to enhance our standing in high-profile domestic and global ranking systems.
  • We will honour our role as Australia’s only Changemaker University by maximising the impact of our commitment to social innovation.
  • We will utilise our reputation to be a positive influence on government policy wherever it relates to the training, education and research needs of the communities we serve.
  • We will establish ourselves as leaders in addressing key issues that affect individuals and communities across the world.
  • We will share stories that promote the remarkable achievements and impact of our staff, students and alumni. We will use these stories to add value to those qualifications we have awarded in the past, and to those qualifications towards which our students are working towards today.
  • We will not engage in activities that compromise the reputation of our students, alumni or the communities we serve. We will recognise that their reputation is linked to our own.
  • Capitalise on our international recognition as Australia’s only Changemaker University to promote our commitment to social innovation.
  • Highlight our unique power of place and national footprint to leverage the support of government, industry and community in our operations.
  • Influence key policy areas through proactive advocacy with government and the sector.
  • Attract greater philanthropic activity from alumni, industry and our communities.
  • Enhance the University's reputation globally.
Measures of success
  • Improving our standing in the Times Higher Education Reputation Index.
  • Achieving and maintaining renewed accreditation as a Changemaker University with Ashoka U.
  • Achieving and maintaining accreditation into the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification Framework.
  • Increasing philanthropic income.
  • Increasing other externally-sourced income.
  • Increasing our representation and participation within professional associations and corporate bodies.

To remain agile and responsive in an ever-changing and complex global environment, we will create a progressive organisation that is socially, culturally and environmentally responsible, whilst maintaining financial sustainability.

We are committed to embedding sustainable practice in our operations, interactions and relationships, underpinned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To achieve this
  • We will sustain our reputation through our commitment to financial, social, environmental and cultural sustainability practices.
  • We will service our Giving Back agenda with authenticity and altruism, playing our part in overcoming disadvantage and barriers to opportunity.
  • We will ensure our financial future.
  • We will seek to maximise our social impact while reducing our ecological footprint.
  • We will work with communities and industry to deliver education, training and research outcomes to support the development of a more sustainable society.
  • We will produce graduates who have the knowledge, skills and drive to apply global and sustainable thinking to address complex social, economic and environmental challenges.
  • We will uphold the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through University governance and operational decision-making frameworks.
  • We will not pursue objectives which imperil our sustainable future.
  • Maintain and responsibly manage the long-term financial sustainability of the University.
  • Improve our efficiency through the optimisation of our human, asset and financial resources.
  • Operate more sustainably to reduce the University’s adverse impact on the environment.
  • Identify opportunities to diversify sustainable income streams.
  • Use the levers of price, gender balance, country of origin and location of study to maintain or increase our international student income, whilst reducing our risk exposure.
  • Return at least one per cent of our annual turnover to the communities we serve in targeted ways which are designed to make our communities more sustainable.
Measures of success
  • Maintaining and increasing our Giving Back commitment to our communities.
  • Improving the overall financial position of the University.
  • Reducing energy usage across CQUniversity.
  • Reducing waste across our campus footprint.