Assistive Technology Continuing Professional Development Program

CQUniversity has partnered with SWEP (State Wide Equipment Program) to develop and deliver a professional development and competency assessment program for new and existing SWEP allied health prescribers. This program is also available for allied health professionals who do not prescribe for SWEP, but wish to supplement their knowledge and skills in assistive technology prescription. All workshops are CPD activities in respect to AHPRA registration.

The program offers full & half day educational workshops at the Introductory (Green) and Advanced (Amber/Red) levels. The Introductory (Green) workshop is a requirement for therapist before applying to become a SWEP prescriber. The Advanced Workshops are focused on more specialised assistive technology and complex clients. The workshops will be delivered by clinical and educational experts. Each workshop has a limited number of participants and two staff members to ensure a high quality educational experience. All workshops are interactive and practical and involve trialling and prescribing equipment using a range of case studies. Advanced level workshops also include competency assessment.

The CQUniversity continuing professional development workshops offered under the CQU-SWEP assistive technology (AT) program are grouped together (Clusters) based on activities of daily living (ADL) and targeted competencies that are reviewed by SWEP when prescribers apply for up-grading or re-credentialing.

Please note that each workshop within a Cluster is independent and may cover a number of SWEP assistive technology categories. Hence, when applying to SWEP for up-grading or re-credentialing in an assistive technology category, completing one workshop in a particular cluster does not necessarily apply to the other AT categories within the cluster.

The CQU-SWEP workshops offered are listed below:

CQU-SWEP workshops

Workshops in Wheelchairs and Scooters (Cluster 1a)

  1. Wheelchairs and Scooter for Adults - Amber level (30 SWEP CPD points)
  2. Wheelchairs for Children (30 SWEP points)

Workshops in Wheelchairs (Cluster 1b)

  1. Wheelchairs for Adults - Red Level (30 SWEP CPD points)

Workshops in Personal Care and Seating (Cluster 2)

  1. Bathing, Toileting and Seating for Adults (30 SWEP CPD points)
  2. Bathing, Toileting and Seating for Children (30 SWEP CPD points)
  3. Beds and Mattress for Adults and Children (30 SWEP CPD points)

Workshops in Client Handling (Cluster 3)

  1. Transfers for Adults (30 SWEP CPD points)
  2. Manual Handling (15 SWEP CPD points)

Workshops that stand alone

  1. Vehicle Modifications (30 SWEP CPD points)
  2. Advanced Mobility Aids (30 SWEP CPD points)
  3. Powered Mobility Training (30 SWEP CPD points)
  4. Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Course (2 week CQU-Swinburne program; 30 SWEP CPD points)
  5. Manual Assessment Tool – MAT (15 SWEP CPD points)

For further information about SWEP Registration and Credentialing Framework, please visit the SWEP website.

For enquiries, please email