Shape your Future with a Career in Minerals and Energy

Choosing a career in minerals and energy allows you opportunities to explore the world. Be a part of shaping the future of our planet, the future of innovation, minerals and energy resources and of technology. Make your next move to invest in a career that matters and explore the endless possibilities of innovative ideas that can really make a difference.

Study options

The Associate Degree of Engineering has been developed in collaboration with industry and is endorsed by the Minerals Industry National Associate Degree (MINAD) program, established through the Minerals Tertiary Education Council (MTEC). The Mining Major in this degree delivers opportunities to work with mining technology, surveying and planning. The flexible study mode of the Associate Degree of Engineering is designed to allow students to work full time while undertaking the course. Making it ideal for those working in the mining industry who are looking to progress in their career.

Lead from the front with our Resource Systems major within our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-Op Engineering) courses.  You will cover a range of contemporary technologies emerging in the mining and resource industry including industrial automation, data science and remote sensing. You will also learn about sustainable mining concepts that may lead you to opportunities within and beyond the resource industry in long-term planning and design, waste minimisation, renewable energy, and energy recovery. CQUniversity’s Engineering degrees promote progress toward the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Both undergraduate courses include hands-on learning with real-world projects in the first year. This gives you the opportunity to develop key networks and gain valuable experience.

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Shape Your Future/Innovate Our World initiative

CQUniversity has proudly partnered with Queensland Resources Council and QMEA to bring to you the Shape your future / Innovate our world initiative.  Study with CQU and be a part of shaping the future of our planet, innovation, mining, energy, technology as well as everyone’s life!

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Study engineering at CQUni

Study Engineering



For me engineering was an outlet for creativity.


It’s people who are out in the real world who solve really complex problems using Maths and Science.


There is a lot more to engineering, then just problem solving and building things. There’s humanitarian engineering, social engineering, there’s a lot more to it than physical building things and manufacturing things.


Our engineering graduate students have gone on to rewarding careers and being a part of local projects making an impact on how we live in our communities.

From our civil engineering graduates who have future proofed Queensland towns through optimising road infrastructures for flood resilience.

To mechatronic and mechanical engineers who are working on new technology and redesigning machinery to improve efficiencies to food production and livestock management.

Our electrical and mining engineering students are going on to sustainable power practices and sustainability in the mining and resource industry and how that looks moving forward.

Our engineering students go on to work for prominent industry organisations.

To be professionally recognized as an engineer, you are required to complete a Bachelor degree.

We offer a number of Engineering courses including the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op) and the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours).


There’s not a lot of pressure put on us to decide what major we want to be in particularly in the first year.


Maybe once or twice a term, you will actually get industry representatives come in and actually give a lecture. They give you a lot to think about, but at the same time it gives you a good chance to reflect on what you think you might like to do.


To get your Bachelors degree in Engineering, you need 12 weeks of placement, so you go into the industry with a lot of experience, giving you the upper hand, compared to other students and it looks really good on a resume as well.

My work place experience has been wonderful so far, I’ve had really amazing opportunities to network and meet wonderful people, go to conferences and learn lots of new things. Especially at work I’ve had so may opportunities to apply what I have learnt at university. And also gain more context of what electrical engineers do which has definitely helped with my studies.

Co-op placement gives you the opportunity to really get to know the people within your workplace and show off your abilities and this can then turn into a job offer once you have also graduated and even extend your Co-op placement. Co-op placement gives you the opportunity to also get paid for your 48 weeks of placement, which is a really amazing opportunity as a student to be able to learn in industry and also get paid for your full time work.


Studying engineering sets you up for career growth and strong job opportunities. It is expected in 2030, that there will be a great demand for qualified engineers as employers look to fill skill shortages.


CQUniversity students have the best reputation throughout industry especially across Queensland as we have this 48 hour of placement before we go into industry. So we have a lot more understanding about how industry works, and we have already applied a lot of our engineering knowledge and done lots of networking and worked for lots of companies.


The classes are much smaller so it means we get a lot more direct one on one contact with our lecturers.  In some of my tutorials I actually get to sit one on one with the head of our course which is unheard of in some of your southern universities.


When you choose CQUniversity, you are choosing a university that knows engineering.

Our courses are designed in collaboration with industry to ensure you’ll gain practical skills valued by the employers. You’ll work on real industry projects from the first year of studies and will have multiple touch points with industry through guest lecturers, networking events, work placements and the final Engineering project.

You’ll benefit from a university that has been awarded 5 stars and ranked on of the top five Australian universities from Undergraduate full time employment and starting salaries.

With industry aligned courses, state of the art facilities and the ability to earn while you learn, make a difference in your career by studying engineering at CQuni.