Bachelor of Theatre - Drama Specialisation Audition Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to audition for the Bachelor of Theatre (Drama) course at CQUniversity Australia. We want each and every applicant to perform to the best of their ability on the audition day and trust that you will enjoy the audition preparation and presentation process. We have prepared the following audition guidelines to help you prepare for your audition.

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Course location

The Bachelor of Theatre (Drama) course is only available at CQUniversity's Mackay Ooralea campus.

How to prepare for your on campus audition

To prepare for your audition you should arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled audition time to ensure you are adequately warmed-up.

You will also need to bring the following documents and extra copies for the audition panel:

  • medical certificate - this is only required for Music Theatre and Drama specialisations of the Bachelor of Theatre degree and needs to state whether you:
    • are fit and healthy
    • have no pre-existing condition that may prevent you from doing any required medium to high aerobic dance and stage activities
    • have no pre-existing conditions that may affect your ability to sing or use your voice.
  • headshot photo
  • artistic resume
  • relevant certificates, licenses or diplomas (e.g. AMEB Grade certificates, RAD Dance certificates etc.)
  • any evidence of community work or volunteer activities.

Ensure you place this information with copies in a folder for the audition panel to keep.

What we are looking for is:

  • the potential for you to develop all aspects of acting and drama, and be a performer who displays overt traits of imagination and courage to take artistic risks
  • whether you have a passion, commitment and suitability for a career in theatre and allied performing arts areas.

What will I need to perform at the audition?


You will need to prepare two monologues from memory and include:

  • one classical monologue; and
  • one contemporary monologue.

Classical monologue

You need to choose your monologue carefully and should discuss this with a teacher.

The classical monologue may be from a:

  • Shakespearean play; or
  • Greek play (in verse translation); or
  • play by Marlowe, Sheridan or Kyd

You can find classical monologues in monologue books or on the Internet.

Contemporary monologue

You will also need to perform one contemporary monologue.

The contemporary monologue must be:

  • a selection from a modern play (anything written from the 1950s to the present day)
  • at least two minutes in length.

You can find contemporary monologues in monologue books and play scripts. Some may be available on the Internet.