Gladstone Marina

With its scenic location and strong ties with industry, CQUniversity Gladstone Marina is both an attractive place to study and a powerhouse of innovative research.

Students at CQUniversity Gladstone Marina can enjoy state of the art lecture theatre and training facilities, computer lab, Cyril Golding Library, bookshop and range of career counselling and support services.

Research is a major strength of CQUniversity Gladstone Marina, with many industry conferences, training, professional development activities and industry partnership projects making use of this campus' well-placed facilities.


  • Well-equipped library, with quiet study rooms, online access and coffee available
  • Computer lab and IT equipment
  • High tech video conferencing and access grid facilities
  • State of the art lecture theatres featuring the latest presentation equipment
  • Wireless networking across campus
  • Student bookshop
  • Gladstone Environmental Science Centre (GESC)
  • Gladstone Engineering Centre (GEC)
  • Course advice and student support services

Contact Details

Gladstone Marina

613 Bryan Jordan Drive, Gladstone QLD 4680
Current and future student enquiries: 13 27 86
Local campus enquiries: (07) 4970 7277


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