Guest wi-fi and eduroam

Guest wireless network

CQUni Guest allows temporary visitors to the university to connect to our wireless internet.

Who is eligible for CQUni Guest Wireless accounts?

Any external person who is visiting a staff member on campus for a short period of time, that may require the ability to connect to the internet, e.g. contractors, salespeople, personal visitors, etc.

Note: visitors from other educational institutions should connect to eduroam (see below) using your educational institutions eduroam credentials.

Guest registration

  1. On your device, choose CQUniGuest in available networks and connect
  2. Once connected, open an internet browser and go to
  3. Select “Need an account? Click Here”
  4. Fill out the form with your details
  5. Select “Register”

The CQUni staff member you entered in as your CQUniversity sponsor will receive an email with directions on how to proceed and approve your access. After approval you will receive an SMS with your account details.

Guest log-in

Once you receive your log in details, on your device choose CQUniGuest in available networks and connect

When connected, open an internet browser and go to

Enter the provided account details and select “Log In”

You will now be connected to the CQUniGuest wireless network

If you require further assistance, please contact the Technology and Services Assistance Centre (TaSAC). Phone: Internal x59090 or External 1300 666 620 Email:

Eduroam access

Eduroam is a service that enables students and staff to connect to a secure wireless network. It also makes it possible to visit other educational institutions and connect to the internet using your current CQUniversity logon details.

Where is eduroam available?

Almost all Australian universities participate in eduroam and allow visiting students and staff to connect to their wireless network.

Please see the official site for a list of participating sites.

How do I get connected?

To access eduroam, your laptop or mobile device will need to access a wireless network connection using WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) drivers.

The following instructions provide information on connecting to eduroam:

Android devices

Android devices - Pixel

Apple iPhone & iPad

Mac OS 10.7 or later

Windows 10

Students and staff of CQUniversity will need to log into the network using the username format and CQUniversity password outlined in the table below.

Using eduroam at another university

If you are visiting another university, please contact the local IT support staff for their wireless setup instructions. This is best done before arriving at the other university as special clients may need to be installed to enable you to use wireless on that campus.

Policies - Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Technology Facilities and Devices