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CQUniversity's applied research focus emphasises the translation and uptake of research findings to meet external stakeholder needs – the focus is not merely on increasing academic publications and citation rates.

Several aspects of our research are oriented towards real-world outcomes, including influencing government policy and regulatory frameworks; developing greater understanding of social issues of the day and contributing to decision-making through salient advice.

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Drone flight time extension research for UAVs could save lives

CQUniversity’s flight time extension research into Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) could ultimately save lives. With the growing urbanisation, the use of terrestrial and underground space is being saturated for providing various services, although the aerial space remains under-utilised due to the lack of longer-term flights of commodity drones to provide services. With the development of techniques and technologies to extend flight times of such drones, better usage of aerial space in the smart cities will be possible.


Research on physical activity for pregnancy leads to national health guidelines and screening toolkit

Very few women are currently sufficiently active for health benefits. These resources provide evidence‑based recommendations that pregnant women and health professionals can rely on to offer safe and appropriate physical activity/exercise guidance. Physical activity during pregnancy has health benefits, for both the mother and child.

It is associated with fewer pregnancy conditions, including gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension. Active women are also more likely to gain an appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy and less likely to experience excessive gestational weight gain than those who are not active. These benefits have significant implications for the health of future generations.


Parasite identification project gets tick of approval in the central highlands

The Parasites in the Wild project will contribute to resolving the taxonomic doubt around four subspecies of the tick and to identify strategies for effective citizen science approaches, particularly in rural and regional areas and with primary‑school aged children.


World-first Mango auto harvester targets labour force issues

The harvester, which forms part of an integrated system, will save costs, and improve productivity on farm, while driving consumer demand by ensuring a top‑quality eating experience every time. It also has the potential to solve some of the major labour force issues that currently limit the industry.


Toilet Humor to improve children's wellbeing

The Poop-it Kit has the potential to improve the overall wellbeing of children aged four to eight by addressing their bowel issues through creative and innovative characters and narratives.

A row of Solar Panels on the roof of a house


CQUniversity’s and Planet Ark Power’s micro-grid (solar/battery) project aims at significantly improving accessibility to and affordability of renewable energy for corporate and domestic customers.

Researcher sitting in a space simulator

Astronaut Fatigue on NASA's Radar

With NASA looking to return to the moon in the next five years, the space agency will need to focus on how it will protect its astronauts from the rigours of space travel.