Vicki Lowik

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences
Field of Research:
Studies in Human Society; Language, Communication and Culture; Philosophy and Religious Studies
Associate Professor Annabel Taylor
Student Type:
Doctor of Philosophy

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Research Details

Thesis Name

Not in our church: Addressing Christian women's vulnerability to domestic violence

Thesis Abstract

Domestic violence is a significant social concern across all sectors of society, with gender inequality recognised as a major causal factor. An examination of the factors that foster environments of gender inequality can expose the power relations influencing women’s vulnerability to domestic violence. This research project seeks to investigate women’s vulnerability to domestic violence in Christian communities by exploring: • the gendered discourses of femininity and masculinity promoted in Christian communities; • how they are shaped by certain biblical teachings; • the influence these discourses have on women’s vulnerability to domestic violence; and • the relations of power behind the promotion of these discourses.

Why my research is important/Impacts

It is anticipated that new knowledge gained through this research project will contribute to feminist analyses of domestic violence and the role of religion in women's lives. Dependent on outcomes, the research may identify the nature of content required in domestic violence education programs for Christian faith environments. These programs would educate faith leaders and community members about the character of domestic violence for the purpose of addressing factors that contribute to women's vulnerability to this form of abuse, while also ensuring that appropriate support is offered to victims.