School of Education and the Arts
Information and Computing Sciences| Technology| Education
Dr Ashley Holmes, Dr Wendy Fasso
Doctor of Professional Studies

Research Details

Thesis Name

Improved approaches to instructional design for digital game-based learning

Thesis Abstract

Significant research identifies correlations between gamification and positive learning outcomes, yet there is little evidence of causality between specific game characteristics and measurable learning experiences. Instructional designers' developing in this space are required to have a deep understanding at the intersection of pedagogy, technology and game theory. Often courseware needs to report learning data using technological standards such as SCORM and xAPI. A design-based research methodology intends to test a framework for educational game design that meets these objectives. This research hypothesises that a suitable model will provide instructional designers a sound pedagogical basis to develop xAPI-conformant educational games.

Why my research is important/Impacts

It is expected that the outcome of this research will have a significant impact on instructional design, particularly where major corporations across all industries require measurable observations with internal training. More broadly, findings will contribute to how all levels of education adopt technology as an educational tool. Additionally, new approaches to education and training using games has the ability to transcend language barriers and provide access to learning for disadvantaged groups. As the profession becomes a more standardised practice, this research will contribute to the development of professional development and higher education courses for Instructional Design practice.