Raghavendra Vasudeva Upadhyaya

School of Engineering and Technology
Engineering| Built Environment and Design
Dr Thuraichamy Suntharavadivel, Dr Kai Duan
Doctor of Philosophy

Research Details

Thesis Name

Experimental and numerical investigation on innovative bonders for sustainable FRP retrofit

Thesis Abstract

Concrete structures around the globe are prone to deterioration due to various natural phenomena and impacts their operational life. Therefore, structural rehabilitation has become a major focus on modern day construction technologies and Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) material being a very popular one. Epoxy adhesives are commonly being used for most of the polymer retrofits, but there is scientific evidence showing severe health hazards for the people working or living with them. This project aims to investigate an alternate bonding admixture that enhances the sustainability and arrive at an optimal mix proportion to suit various retrofits.

Why my research is important/Impacts

The proposed investigation on MBC bonder would bring about a remarkable change in the industrial sector by limiting toxic emissions and lowering the carbon footprint. Also, strengthening old and damaged concrete members could avoid further failure (or) demolition of heritage buildings, thereby improving the operational efficiency. MBC could nullify the health effects caused by epoxy emissions at high temperatures and prove to be a sustainable bonder. Finally, structural health monitoring through 3D simulation software analyses the development of cracks and structural stability, right from the early stages of construction.


APA Commonwealth Scholarship