School of Education and the Arts
Dr Michelle Vanderburg, Dr Jose van den Akker
Doctor of Philosophy

Research Details

Thesis Name

Transition Programs and Third Culture Kids in International Schools

Thesis Abstract

My research will examine international best practices for school transition programs. The intended phenomenological research will ask the following question: How do English-speaking, Third-Culture Kids perceive and describe their experience of transition programs at international schools? The participants' responses will initially be analyzed to determine a narrative interpretation of their lived experiences. The second round of analysis will be performed through a theoretical framework.

Why my research is important/Impacts

With a specific focus on English-speaking, third-culture kids, the research will explore how the students perceive they have been supported at schools where they are the minority cultural group. The resultant research could provide the basis for future professional development for all school faculty. Whilst predominantly examining transition programs the research will also reflect on student identity and cultural experience as they move from one school or culture to another. The benefits from this research would be the transferable strategies that local schools could adopt to support their students, whether they be indigenous, western or new Australian.