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Dr Mani Naiker, Professor Kerry Walsh
Masters by Research
Joel Johnson

Research Details

Thesis Name

Rapid non-invasive analytical techniques for measuring bioactive compounds in Australian crops

Thesis Abstract

This project will focus on mid-infrared spectroscopy as a rapid, non-invasive means of measuring bioactive constituents in economically important Australian crops, including faba beans, olive oil and mangoes. The bioactive components targeted include phenolics, anthocyanins and other antioxidative compounds.

Why my research is important/Impacts

Bioactive compounds are responsible for the primary health benefits resulting from the 'functional foods' such as legumes. A rapid method to assess these compounds could allow farmers to be reimbursed based on the level of bioactives in their crops, rather than on crude nutritional parameters such as protein or carbohydrates.


  1. Australian Grains Export Innovation Centre
  2. Department of Agriculture, Victoria
  3. Functional Grains Centre (Charles Sturt University)