CQUni knows Liam

Get to know Liam

Liam Bromilow
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences

Even as a child I enjoyed science and understanding how and why things work. It started with trains and then as I grew older I started to play more sports and wanted to know how to get BETTER at those sports. Being able to understand the biomechanics of those things, and how to get better, led me into the path of sport science.

Sport science appealed to me because it’s more analytical and research-based and it’s a firm grounding in science. It was a way to combine my love of sports with a research and knowledge base.

I chose CQUni for two reasons. First, the opportunity to study via distance attracted me. With a lot of other unis that offer a course like this you have to be on campus, whereas at CQUni I was able to study online in my own time, at my own pace and fit it around my family and my schedule, so it was a win-win. I could still work full-time and study as well.

Second, the lecturers and staff at CQUni were some of the best in the field in exercise science, and that was a really positive fit for me. Coming into the University some of the lecturers were at the peak of their field, so you’d think that most of their time would be spent with PhD students and final year students, but in actual fact you got to meet and engage with them in your first year. To be able to speak with them and learn from them straight from the starting blocks was really a rewarding experience. Without their approachability I don’t think the university would be what it is.

I grew up in Yeppoon and while I was in high school CQUniversity didn’t really appeal to me – I wanted to go to a bigger university in a bigger city. But after coming full circle – this is now my third degree – and coming back to CQUni and experiencing what it actually has to offer, I’m quite surprised and impressed. I would rate it as my most beneficial experience so far out of all my study because of the community feel and the lecturers who care about what you’re doing.

The great thing is it’s a smaller university so through all your study the lecturer actually knows your name, and a lot of the program is very hands-on. At a lot of universities your program will be theory-based and you’ll be sitting in lecture rooms and classrooms, whereas at CQUniversity just about every lesson or every class is hands-on. There are projects for you to complete, there are tasks for you to take, and you’re immersing yourself in that course where it’s hands-on and not just theory.

Coming to CQUniversity has allowed me that opportunity to find who I am, and opened my eyes to who I want to be.