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Keturah Ruge
Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

I always knew I wanted to work with kids in some capacity but it was actually because of my little sister that I was introduced to speech pathology. She had a condition called Childhood Apraxia of Speech so as a family we were always around speech pathologists. Her therapist and even the practice itself provided such an amazing environment and my experiences there made me sure that it was the type of place and type of work I wanted to do. The things she achieved and the experience she went through was a big motivator for me. Speech pathology combined my desire to work with kids with my desire to help people.

The idea of wanting to really help somebody and make a difference in their lives became more and more important to me as I got older. I saw how much speech pathology helped my sister and my family, and it inspired me to pursue it as a career. When you’re helping a child you’re not only helping them, but you’re helping their family as well.

Even though kids are more my area, I’ve had the opportunity to work with adults during clinic placements and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so rewarding, I just wanted to listen to them and help them. I’d walk out of placement sessions with such a happy feeling and looking forward to the next session, which I think is very important. It means it’s the job for me. Everyone has goals, and it’s so important to find and understand people’s goals and help them reach them, even those not related to speech pathology. It’s about the whole picture.

I never really wanted to move to a big city, so studying in Brisbane was never really an option for me. I’m originally from Gin Gin and even though the Bundaberg campus is the closest to home it didn’t offer speech pathology at the time, so Rockhampton was the ideal choice. The campus is so lovely and leafy, it’s not like other unis I’ve been too which are full of concrete.

But the best thing about studying at CQUniversity is the lecturers we have. We know each other so well, you can go and see them at any time and they’ll drop everything to help you. They know you as a person rather than just a number. The level of support we receive is something you wouldn’t be able to get in some of the larger universities.

CQUniversity has taught me to think about patients holistically, that every aspect of a person from their family, environment and life barriers are all connected to their issues and treatment. It’s helped me to consider everything, not just the person and their speech difficulty.

Looking back on the course, even though it was fairly new when I started at CQUni, I wouldn’t have changed it for any other uni. It all comes back to the lecturers for me, they personalise your learning and make sure your wants and needs are heard.

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