Andrew Dane

A Uni That Knows Chiropractic - Lecturer Andy Dane

My name is Andy Dane and I am a lecturer in Chiropractic at CQUniversity Brisbane.

I’m originally from Ireland, studied biology at university in Scotland and chiropractic at the AECC in Bournemouth. I have worked in the UK and Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and now I live in Brisbane. I come from a mainstream medical family, so I really enjoy helping people and making them feel better. It’s so rewarding to be able to help people with little more than your hands and know that you’ve made a difference and eased their pain. Being a chiropractor allows you opportunities to work all over the world. An accredited degree in Australia can literally take you anywhere.

In the past, there has been a lot of scepticism around chiropractic but that’s definitely been disappearing in recent years, as we’re getting support from more traditional medical professions, the government and the support of research. Although it is a growing industry, it’s still a very independent industry. For example, in the UK – at least – it’s common to work as a physio within the national medical system (NHS) which is a massive public company, whereas chiro allows you to have independence in where and whom you work for – more often than not you can be your own boss!

I had heard of CQUniversity while I was teaching at IMU in Malaysia as some colleagues had moved between the two universities. The course in Malaysia was only one or two years older than CQUni’s, which started in Mackay in 2012, so I’ve had a lot of experience in newly-established courses and dealing with the subsequent challenges you have to work through. It was a valuable experience and it prepared me for helping to work on the course here at CQUni.

I genuinely think the course we have here now is world-class; we are accredited in Brisbane and Mackay, and offer students flexibility and practical learning which I believe is second-to-none. Students are able to study full time without compromising their other commitments, only coming on-campus for their practical requirements. In saying that, we are also a very hands-on course and, in addition, we provide over 200 hours of industry placements. Another major strength of the CQUni programme is its close connections to industry help our students gain employment.

The approach I have to lecturing is, in part, based on my own experiences with study. As a student, I had to understand and get my head around a concept to remember it, break it down to manageable components. And that’s how I teach our students. I think it’s a lot more worthwhile understanding rather than memorising, especially when it comes to applying that understanding to more complex problems and situations. Chiropractic is a broad profession with an array of viewpoints, from philosophical to very scientific. What we do at CQUni which I believe is unique and very refreshing is allow our students the freedom to choose what sort of chiropractor they want to be. We never feed them a point of view, our students are adults and we treat them like adults, we just give them the information and let them decide what works for them.

A lot of our students actually choose the degree because of encouragement from their own chiropractors. I think that says a lot: practicing chiropractors are so passionate about their work that people are actually inspired to study it. Of course, to study chiropractic you have to be empathetic and genuinely have a desire to help people, so if you’re that kind of person it’s definitely a very rewarding profession.