Understanding Course Fees

Wondering how undergraduate and postgraduate uni fees work? We're here to help.

There are three types of tuition fees for higher education degrees at CQU. Each is dependent on the type of place you are offered when you apply to study with us. If you are offered a:

  • Commonwealth Support Place (CSP), you will be required to pay a student contribution
  • Domestic full-fee place, you will be required to pay full tuition fees
  • International full-fee place, you will pay international tuition fees.

Have you already checked the indicative first-year fees on your course page and you just want to know individual unit costs? Find your course units via a course planner or the CQU Handbook and check them in the relevant Cost Per Unit Spreadsheet.

Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)

A CSP is a place at a university where the government subsidises your study. This means that part of your tuition fees is subsidised (or paid) by the Government. What remains is your student contribution - this is what you pay.

To be eligible for a CSP, you must be:

  • be one of the following:
    • be an Australian citizen, who will complete some of your course of study while resident in Australia; or
    • a New Zealand citizen; or an Australian permanent visa holder; or an eligible former permanent humanitarian visa holder; who studies the entire course while living in Australia
  • have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) prior to the first census date (for new enrolments from 1 January 2021)
  • have sufficient Student Learning Entitlement available (for new enrolments from 1 January 2022)
  • meet the completion rate requirements (for new enrolments from 1 January 2022)
  • not undertake more than two years' worth of higher education study within 12 months (unless CQU has approved you to take on more).

For more information on CSP eligibility, visit the Study Assist website.

All of our undergraduate courses offer Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs). Once you have applied, your Offer Letter will advise if you have been offered a CSP.

If you are offered a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), the student contribution that you are required to pay will be calculated for each term of enrolment based on the individual units you have enrolled in.

You can estimate your student contribution amount using the following:

Or, if you know the units within the course you would like to study, our Cost Per Unit Spreadsheet outline the individual unit fees.

Domestic Full Fee Place

CQU does not receive government funding for domestic full-fee-paying places. This means students enrolled in a domestic full-fee place pay full tuition fees.

If you are offered a full fee-paying place, you will need to contribute to the full cost of your course. Your fees are referred to as tuition fees.

You can estimate your fees using the following:

Or, if you know the units within your course of interest, our Cost Per Unit Spreadsheets outline the individual unit fees.

Understanding Indicative Fees

Indicative fees are listed on each course page to give you an idea of how much your first-year fee might be. These fees are based on enrolling in a full-time study load for one academic year generally, this is eight units over two terms.

However, you may choose to study in third term which would increase your annual fees based on the number of units you study (you would also complete your course sooner) but this is not included in the indicative first-year fee. If you plan to study a graduate certificate which is six months in duration and only has four units, the first-year indicative fee reflects the total cost of your graduate certificate.

It’s important to note that your actual fees may vary depending on the units you select and the number you study per term. Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change. To view individual unit costs, review the Cost Per Unit spreadsheet information above.

International Tuition Fees

Please visit our international students' page for undergraduate and postgraduate study information and scholarship details. You can also view the: