Opportunities for Information Technology Graduates

Now that you’ve got the undergraduate information technology (IT) qualification needed to kickstart your career consider how a postgraduate course could help you take it to the next level.

Our postgraduate study options allow you to:

  • advance your career,
  • enhance your discipline knowledge,
  • expand your skills in a complementary area, and
  • use your existing undergraduate study in IT as the starting point to change careers.

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If you're interested in further study and have questions or would like to talk through your options, book a one-on-one conversation and chat with one of our friendly staff members about your individual IT journey.

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Cameron Jameson

One thing that I was interested about in the Master of Information Technology was that I could do a software and design development major. I was doing a lot of programming and scripting already in my professional IT role so I wanted a degree that would help me expand on that knowledge area.

Cameron Jameson
Bachelor of Information Technology, Master of Information Technology, Master of Information Systems

Interested in changing careers?

If a career change is on the horizon, our postgraduate degrees in business administration, teaching and accounting are ideal options to explore. Your prior IT bachelor-level study provides you with a perfect foundation.

Our Master of Teaching degrees are ideal if you have a non-education degree and want to change careers into early childhood, primary or secondary teaching. The Master of Professional Accounting allows you to redirect your career into accounting, while an MBA is ideal if you are interested in exploring business executive, management and leadership careers.