Aspiring Nurse Leaders Program for Registered Nurses - PDC56517




6 hours

This online Short Course introduces the Registered Nurse (RN) to beginning level management tools in their career management towards a leadership and mentoring role.

The fee for this short course will be $200.00.

Standard Course Structure

Study Mode: Online
Duration: 6 hours

Adult Learning

  1. Compare and contrast the pedagogical and andragogical approaches to teaching and learning
  2. Evaluate the ways in which teaching styles and learning preferences can impact in the coaching and mentoring relationship
  3. Apply knowledge of adult learning theory to coaching and mentoring activities.

Reflective Practice

  1. Identify the key elements of reflective practice
  2. Recognise the theoretical models of reflection
  3. Describe the process of reflective practice.

Delegation and Accountability of the RN

  1. Explain the difference between accountability and responsibility
  2. Identify the major roles and responsibilities of the RN, Enrolled Nurse (EN) and Assistant in Nursing (AIN)
  3. Outline the concepts of assignment, delegation and supervision.

Communication in Healthcare

  1. Identify key concepts in effective communication
  2. Recognise the importance of communication in the health setting
  3. Apply the fundamentals of effective communication in relationships and workplace documentation.

Coaching and Mentoring in the Practice Setting

  1. Articulate an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of coaching and mentoring
  2. Define the terms coach, mentor and preceptor
  3. Communicate a working definition of coaching and mentoring to colleagues in the workplace
  4. Analyse the relationship between coaching-mentoring and training.


Online Quizzes

There are no specific entry requirements to enrol in this course, however, the course is suitable for Registered Nurses.

Undertaking this course enables students to meet their Continuing Professional Development obligations and industry update requirements in their profession. Upon successful completion of the course students will be awarded 6 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and a CQUniversity Certificate of Completion.

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