Steve Mullins History Prize


The Steve Mullins History Prize is awarded to a CQUniversity student who submits an outstanding undergraduate History essay. This prize is named in honour of Associate Professor Steve Mullins who was a long-serving historian at CQUniversity.


The prize is open to any current CQUniversity student who has completed an advanced History unit.


  • The essay must be based on a written assessment from a CQUniversity advanced History unit (i.e not first year, level one).
  • Students should choose a submitted essay they are proud of, edit and improve it paying particular attention to their marker’s feedback, and submit it via email to their unit coordinator for consideration by 1 November.
  • The essay must not exceed 2500 words (not including footnotes or bibliography).
  • The essay must use Turabian referencing.


The prize will be judged on the following:

  • Excellent, accurate and relevant historical content
  • Meticulous research and the skilful use of primary and secondary sources
  • Outstanding essay writing skills and English expression
  • Correct use of Turabian referencing

The coordinators of advanced History units will inform students about the prize and collect entries. They will create a short list of no more than four entries. The short-list will be sent to either a judge or a judging panel. The initial judge will be Steve Mullins.


The winner will receive a certificate and a book. They will have their achievement recognised on the CQU website.



Maximilian Moroney


Lisa Buddery and Robert Kropp


Amanda Hancock